How Can I Make My Wife Love Me Again?

How do I heat up a relationship?

Tips on getting back with your Ex from the author of The Magic Of Making up

Make her love you and save your marriage now

You've probably heard all the traditional advice over and over. Listening to your partner, communicating properly, resolve your differences by compromising and making sacrifices to save your marriage blah blah... I'm not going to tell you to do any of that because it just doesn't work. Instead I'm going to tell you about a technique that worked for me by accident and opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about relationships.
Traditional marriage counseling methods don't work

Why don't they work? Well for a start, most of the methods that they teach rely on both you and your partner wanting to save your marriage and this is very often not the case. Usually one partner wants to stop the divorce but the other one just wants to get out.

Apologising and promising to change doesn't work either

Traditional methods will have you negotiating and making compromises with your partner that inevitably lead to promises that you can't or won't keep. Compromise and promises look an awful lot like pleading to your partner which makes you look weak and can push them even further away from you than they were before.

An unconventional way to make your wife love you again

When my first long term relationship started to break down many years ago I followed the traditional advice because it seemed to be the right thing to do. After all if you want something badly then intuitively you may need to make some sacrifices and changes to get it. It felt as if I was doing all the right things and yet nothing was working. Telling her I loved her didn't work. Promising to change didn't work. Telling her that I couldn't live without her didn't work.

Looking back on it that last one was possibly the worst thing that I could have done. It seemed that everything I did pushed her further and further away from me. Everything I did except one that is...

I stopped trying and she started loving me again

There comes a point when you have to say enough is enough. It wasn't going to work and I just had to accept it and get on with my life without her. When I told her this a remarkable and unexpected thing happened. I stopped chasing her so she started to chase me instead. It was as if she wanted exactly the opposite of what I'd been doing. She wanted someone who was confident and strong not someone who looked weak and needy.

As I started to get on with my own life and she could see that I was quite capable of living without her she seemed to get more and more attracted to me. I couldn't believe it but it's true. Sadly it was too late for me, I had moved on, but if I had known then that I could make my ex want me back then things might have been very different.

I recently found a book that I wish I'd had back then. It confirms my experiences and it gives you a lot of very practical advice and techniques that you can use to improve your relationship and save your marriage. The book is called The Magic of Making Up Download it now and start applying it to your marriage. I think that you will be very surprised at what happens.

The Magic of Making Up - Hands of lasting love and friendship
Make her fall in love with you again and you can save your marriage

How Can I Make My Wife Love Me Again?

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