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Arrest-Proof Yourself: An Ex-Cop Reveals How Easy It Is for Anyone to Get Arrested, How Even a Single Arrest Could Ruin Your Life, and What to Do If the Police Get in Your Face

The author was a law enforcement officer before he trained to be a lawyer. He now defends people in the criminal courts. In his book he reveals how cops think and provides you with real-world advice in an entertaining and readable manner.

I talk a lot about the perils of getting yourself arrested. There are several articles on the site like this one, that mention the problems. An arrest on your record can literally ruin your entire life and it doesn't matter whether you did anything wrong or not. I generally advise people to keep an eye out for any arrest warrants that might be out on them so that you can deal with them without getting yourself arrested.

This is good advice but it isn't going to protect you against getting arrested while walking the streets or driving your car. This is where people are most vulnerable to arrest after getting stopped and searched by a cop trying his luck. Police officers are measured by how many arrests they make and how severe they can make the charge. They have a huge incentive to arrest you and many of them treat it like a sport. They are the hunter and you are the prey. You become a trophy when they arrest you and you might be surprised to find exactly how easy it can be for a cop to find something to arrest you for.

The book Arrest-Proof Yourself is designed to help you to avoid getting arrested. Any arrest for anything, even a minor offence, will stay with you for the rest of your life and destroy whatever prospects you might have had in life. Noone can ever get you un-arrested so you must avoid it by any means that you can.

Take your belief in the Justice system and throw it out of the window

When you have read this book you will have to take everything that you previously believed about the police and the system and throw it all in the garbage. The author tells the reality of how the justice system works from all angles and he does it effectively in a very readable way. His experience as a law enforcement officer gives him a unique perspective on what really goes on out on the street and in the minds of the cops. He knows exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. It's probably not what you think.

Carson, the author, tells it how it really is from both sides of the fence and it isn't a pretty sight. It's an entertaining read however. I had to read it from cover to cover before I put it down. My advice to you is to read this book and take note of what Carson is saying. The knowledge that you will gain from it may one day prevent you from getting arrested and spending the rest of your life doomed to low paid jobs and life in prison.

Avoid a lifetime of poverty

The book spells out the terrible consequences of getting arrested and goes into great detail to show you just how easy it is to fall into the police trap. Carson also gives you an insight into why it is that so many young people get themselves arrested for petty, yet criminal offences. Sadly it all comes down to money in the end. The justice system has to justify it's existence and provide a means to support the armies of lawyers, judges and police involved with it. This means that they have to keep arresting people for minor offences just to keep them going until they manage to catch someone who has committed a real crime like rape or murder.

You can never be 100% arrest proof

Carson admits that the title of his book is hyped a little because noone can ever be completely arrest proof. It can happen to you or anyone else. What the book does is make you more resistant to arrest. If you follow the advice then the cops should find it much harder to arrest you. The book is full of real and practical examples that you can use to make it less likely that you will get arrested. You would be a fool not to take this advice seriously.

Some of the techniques he teaches are well known but often forgoten like "Tell them the basic information then shut the heck up". Other strategies may be less obvious like "The cops can't arrest you if they can't see you". In other words, the less attention you attract the better. There are also some outrageous suggestions that should only be used as a last resort like pooping your pants to persuade the officers that they really don't want you in the back of their patrol car. If that sounds like a step too far to you then you should read the book. You might then be glad of any means of avoiding arrest and getting thrown onto what Carson calls the "Electronic Plantation".

Getting arrest can be a disaster

An arrest record can be one of the most disastrous events that could ever happen in your life. It doesn't matter whether you get charged or convicted of any crime. Just getting yourself arrested can close the doors to you getting employment in so many places. It can also make you a target of police questioning whenever a crime is reported in the area. This means low wages and more chance of you going to prison. Once you have been arrested you begin a life sentence. Noone can ever get you un-arrested so it makes complete sense to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Educate yourself and your family

Carson makes the point that the people who could benefit the most from his book are the very people who are least likely read it. He calls them the "Clueless". I say that we are all clueless to an extent and I believe that most of us are more clueless than we imagine ourselves to be. When you have read the book you will see what I mean.


The book Arrest-Proof Yourself on Kindle or paperback. Read it and pass on it's wisdom to your children and the rest of your family and friends. Educate the people around you into exactly how the police work and what it means to get arrested. It's not just a night in jail, it stays with you for a lifetime.

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