How To Get Your Reputation And Privacy Back

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Restore your reputation and don't fear Google

Do you avoid googling your name because you are afraid of what you are going to find? Does it worry the pants off you that anyone can find this information just by doing a simple search of your name? I know that it worries me to death.

What would a prospective employer think about all the embarrassing reports and photos that they can easily find when they do a casual search of the net? If you were the employer would you give yourself a job after finding stuff like that?

What would your date think of the things he or she might find just at a time when the relationship is starting to get interesting? Would she find an old arrest record from the time you were detained but not charged because they had the wrong guy? Perhaps it's even worse than that.

How to get help with removing bad stuff from the Web

Once something is on the net it is very difficult to get it removed. Sometimes it's impossible to remove all traces of it even if what's published is totally false or even infringes your copyright or some other rights. But you can now get professional help with this. There is an online service that will do their very best for you to get things taken down from places where they should not be.

They can't guarantee to take every trace of everything bad about you off the Internet. Especially if you are trying to remove things that are actually true like a real conviction or something. In most cases Privacy Online can reduce the damage to something more manageable.

Managing what's left

When Privacy Online have done their job you should see a reduction in the amount of damaging material that can be discovered online about you.

At the same time as you are getting help to have embarrassing things removed from the Web you should consider making a concerted effort to post good stuff about yourself on the net. Write about all the good things you do and post it to facebook and Google plus and other social media sites. Make a donation to charitable sites that publish the names of their donors. Do something worthwhile in your community and get it reported in online newspapers. Find online forums that interest you and take an active part in discussions.

Everything that you do online has the potential to show up in a Google search listing and the idea behind posting good stuff all over the place is to try and drown out the bad stuff. Your aim is to have nothing but good reports show up on the first page of results when someone searches for your name.

How does the removal process work?

Working with Privacy Online to get your reputation back is as simple and as easy as they could make it. They do all the hard work for you when it comes to approaching webmasters and submitting takedown forms etc. The steps involved can be summarized by:

  1. You place an order with PrivacyOnline
  2. Provide your full information
  3. Upload supporting documentation (such as photo ID, case sealed documents, expungement information, etc...)
  4. Provide a top list of URLs you'd like us to approach for removal
  5. They process your information and start requesting removals
  6. This process takes anywhere from 24 hours to 60 days, depending on the websites

Using PrivacyOnline to recover your online reputation and privacy has to be one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of tackling your poor online footprint. Sign up now and see an improvement in your reputation faster and better than anything that you could do by yourself. Just tell them what you want removed and sit back and wait for the results.

Restore your online reputation

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