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Q. Why does my PC freeze? Errors in your registry keys, registry classes, and registry settings are probably the most common causes of Windows error messages.
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Don't try to fix your Windows Registry without an expert PC repair tool

I want to tell you about an experience I had recently involving some software that I installed on a PC at my clients site. To my horror and in front of my client, this software that had been running on my machine for weeks quite happily simply would not work on this computer. In an attempt to localise the problem I installed it on 6 more PC's. It ran ok on 5 PC's but 2 computers insisted on generating errors when I tried to start it running.

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I'm a Windows software developer and I get paid to produce software for my clients so it was very embarrassing for me to fail to get my program running on the designated computer. Of course everyone, including myself, assumed that the problem was down to my software, at least to start with.

It may not be your fault

I don't know about you but when something goes wrong I always assume that it's my fault and feel compelled either to find my mistake or prove that it's not down to me. On this occasion I spend 2 whole days eliminating everything that I was responsible for. I found nothing that gave me any clues to why the software did not work on those 2 PC's.

PC's are sophisticated machines and repairing them is a job for experts

I'm very pleased that I wasn't the only one looking for a solution to my problem. My clients IT department had been puzzling over it too, they thought that it might have something to do with the operating system builds on some PC's on the site. It turns out that this is indeed what the problem was. Many months earlier a small number of PC's had been built with errors in the Registry and my software had triggered the errors.

The Windows Registry has a lot to answer for

All we had to do was delete an entry in the Registry and all the problems evaporated. It was so easy to fix and yet so incredibly difficult to find. This is the nature of Registry errors. It's difficult to predict the problems that they might cause and incredibly difficult to find them when they happen.

You need an army of experts to maintain your PC

This experience has shown me and I hope that you can see it too, that you can't hope to maintain and repair your Windows PC without expert help. I'm supposed to be an expert in software and I had 3 experts from my client's IT department to help me fix this problem too but it took us days and I can't bear to think of how much it all cost.

You can't always rely on there being experts around ready to fix your problems for you but there are software tools that you can use that have been written by experts. These PC repair tools will scan your Registry for errors and fix them. If I had used such a tool I believe that I could have fixed the problem that I had in super quick time without needing an army of IT professionals.

Download a Registry Cleaner and fixer built by experts . Professional PC repair tools designed and developed by experts in the Windows operating system and Registry. I wish that I'd come across this software a few weeks ago.

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Windows Registry Cleaner And Fixer

Keep your Windows PC running at optimum performance by using a simple Registry cleaner and fixer: RegCure.

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