How Do I Use A Windows Registry Cleaner And Fixer?

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Q. Why does my PC freeze? Corruption within your registry keys, registry classes, and registry settings are the most common causes of Windows error messages.
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Using a Windows Registry cleaner and fixer is simple and rewarding

When Microsoft designed the Windows operating system they built in a need for ongoing maintenance. They created the Windows Registry database to keep track of everything on your system and everything that you add to it. The Registry is what makes it possible for your computer to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience to use but it comes at a price.

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To design a system as complex and easy to use as Windows is and require no ongoing maintenance was too difficult a task for Microsoft so they took the easy way out and designed a system that needs constant attention to keep it at it's peak of performance. Fortunately ongoing maintenance of a Windows PC can be a simple task providing that you have the right tools.

Don't touch that registry yourself

Realising that the Windows Registry would require ongoing maintenance, Microsoft decided to provide a tool to enable you to edit the Registry database directly. This tool is called Regedit and can be found on practically any Windows installation.

Regedit is a powerful tool but it's also very dangerous. Regedit allows you to add, delete and modify any of the data in the Registry but you have to know what each key does before you can safely edit it. There are literally thousands of individual pieces of information in the Registry and you can't possibly be expected to know what they all do. If you change the wrong value then you might find that something stops working or worse, your entire system could become unstable or even collapse altogether.

Let the experts maintain your Registry

There are Windows Registry repair tools available that will look after your Registry for you and ensure that your computers performance stays at it's peak. Experts in the Windows operating system and in the Windows Registry write these tools so that you don't have to worry about maintaining it yourself.

In my opinion maintaining the Windows Registry using nothing but Regedit is a near impossibility for the average user and only the brave, foolhardy or stupid would attempt it. I'm a Windows software developer myself so I should know a thing or two about the system but I'll touch the Registry only when I know exactly what I'm doing and only after I've backed it up so that I can recover it if I mess up.

Using a Windows Registry scanner and fixer

The developers of Windows Registry cleaners like this one have put a lot of time and effort into making the task of maintaining your registry simple. They know how daunting the Registry can be so they've taken the time to make it's operation as simple as possible.

Most Registry cleaners work in a similar way. First they scan your system to find all the errors then they fix them for you. It's as simple as that. You can often get the product to do the scanning part for free so that you can see whether it would be worthwhile purchasing. Try out this Free Windows Registry scanner on your system and see what it comes up with.

Features to look out for on Windows PC Registry cleaners

Software is often loaded with features that you will rarely use or simply don't need and Registry cleaning software is no exception to this rule. The essential features that you should look out for in a good Registry cleaner are: Backup and Restore

Whenever you do anything to the Registry there is the potential, however small, for disaster to occur. If you use good Registry cleaner software then the risk of making a catastrophic mistake is small but the consequences of getting it wrong are high indeed. Your cleaner software should therefore always back up any registry items it's about to change before it applies the fix. When this rule is followed any mistakes due to items being deleted when they shouldn't be can be reversed easily. If no backup is made first then you are taking a risk.

Manual confirmation before fixing errors

No Registry cleaning software can be 100% right all the time. There are instances where the cleaner might think that an item can and should be removed but in fact it is still required in your system. If you know that you need a particular registry value then you should be able to tell your Cleaner program to ignore it.

Of course it will be difficult for you to say which Registry keys you need and which ones you don't so to begin with you might find that the software is a little too aggressive. You will know that this has happened when you come to run an application and you find that it isn't working correctly. When this happens you can go back to your Windows Registry fixer and restore the appropriate items from the backup. You can also then add these items to the cleaners ignore list so that it won't see them as errors the next time you run the scan.

Scheduled operation

The ability to schedule a Registry sweep isn't an essential feature but it can be very useful in keeping your PC's performance at it's peak. Not all Registry cleaners have schedulers so look out for it.

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How Do I Use A Windows Registry Cleaner And Fixer?

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