How To Tell If Someone Is Lying | Are They Married Or Not?

How do I tell if my boyfriend tells lies?

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Find out if he is married

So you have a brand new boyfriend or girlfriend. Things are looking peachy and you want to take your relationship to the next level. You might even be thinking of getting a nice place together or even a joint bank account. You can't ever see a time when the two of you are parted.

He's asked you to marry him but how well do you really know him? How do you know that he isn't married already to someone else and that he's just telling you what you want to hear? You have to start paying attention really carefully because he might just be giving you a pack of lies.

Everyone lies but it isn't always bad

Everyone lie's, it's a known fact. Some people lie just a little bit to make life easier for themselves and the people around them while other people lie for a living. Some might call these liars politicians but that's another story. Some people lie because they just can't help themselves; they are compulsive liars who will lie about just about anything even when there is no need for them to tell a lie. Some people are just plain criminals and lie deliberately and coldly with the purpose of tricking you out of your money or your possessions.

Not being married is a difficult lie to keep going

The problem that the liars have is that it's very difficult to keep a lie going. Especially when they are complicated, made up stories. It's also very difficult to avoid leaving all the clues that your body gives off when you're telling a lie. Some people are much better at it than others of course and some people have made it their career to conceal their true intentions.

Marriage records are collected in public records databases

If you want to quickly check out his story about not being married, without having to ask him directly or somehow detect whether he's lying to you or not, then you can get an online background check done on him quickly and easily using public records.

be your own private detective and try this lie detection technique

If you want to look for the clues that would give your boyfriend's lies away then it's often not too hard to spot them if you know what you are doing. The magic trick is to keep him talking about anything and everything you can think of and then look at the way his behaviour changes when you ask him certain questions. Some things you should look out for are:

If you try the lie detector technique above you might find that it can be very effective at uncovering a liar. Especially if you use it every time you meet and remember what you have been told previously. It is very difficult to remember the lies that you tell so discrepancies can easily creep in and when you find one you can challenge him about it.

Online background checks are quick and easy

You should also do an online background check on him to make sure that he has no criminal record or arrest warrants that you might want to know about. You might also find evidence of a marriage certificate also. This could save you a lot of time and heartbreak by finding out early. Background check him now before you get too serious.

Use public records to find marriage records

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Author: Steve Gee

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