How Do I Find Who Lives On A Street

How to find names of people who live on my street

A street full of houses Do you want to find out some information about the people that live on your street? Perhaps you want to check out the neighborhood before you move into a property. Whatever your reasons for wanting to find the names of people on a particular street I can tell you that you can do it and it's very easy to do too.

The method that I'm going to describe requires the use of a public records web site that offers good background checks on people. I'm going to strongly suggest that you join a low cost public records membership site like the one at Inteligator. All your searches will be absolutely free at this Background check web site so you don't have to worry about running up huge bills.

Who lives at street address - Anyone?

The first thing to do is to find the name of someone who lives in the steet you are interested in. If it's your street then you can try your own name. If you know someone who lives there already then use their name. If it isn't your street or you haven't lived there for long and you don't know anyone who lives there then you can try one of the People Searches offered by Inteligator.

Sign up and login to Inteligator then click the People Search By Address menu button. You can now try to find someone's name by entering the street address and a random house number, preferably one that exists.

You might have to try a few numbers before you get one to work and return you a name but you should find one eventually.

Names of people who live on my street

When you have found your first street resident you can go on to find many if not all the other people who live in the street.

Click on the Background Check menu button and enter the name that you just found and the state that the street is in then cick the Search Now button. Click to view the search results on the next page.

From the search results list pick the name shown at the street address you want and click on the Full Report link. There may be more than one result row for this person. If there is you should return to this page later and get the report for all the relevant results as they will often give you slightly different information.

Scroll down the background report to see any neighbors listed. It usually shows the name and address of one or more neighbors of the subject of the report.

You should write down the names and addresses that you find to begin building a list of names of people who live on the street.

Return to the search results from the background check and repeat by getting reports for each of the other rows showing the same people. Add any new neighbors that you find to your list.

Now repeat the exercise by getting a background check on the first neighbor on your list. Make sure that you get the full report for all relevant entries in the search results and note the neighbors name and address as before.

Repeat until you can't find any new neighbors. When you run out of names to run background checks on you should have a good list of the people who live on that street.

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How Do I Find Who Lives On A Street



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