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How to find someone's email address
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This is something I get asked a lot. "How do I find someone's email address?" In fact I've needed to answer the same question for myself many times in the past. You know their name and you need to send them a message but you haven't got a clue what their email address is. So what can you do to find out someone's email address?

There is no one definitive email address directory

The only sure fire way to find out someone's email addy is to ask them for it and even that isn't certain come to think of it. There is no global directory of email addresses that you can go and look in. Even the specialist email directories can't guarantee to find it although they do try very hard for you. A paid email address directory might be your best bet.

Find email addresses for free using a search engine

So what do you do if you can't ask the person for their address? They might be hundreds of miles away and you have no way of contacting them. Not even a telephone number nor a physical address. This situation is actually far more common than you might imagine.

The first thing for you to try is to simply type their name into an Internet search engine such as Google. Enter the name with quotation marks around it to make sure that you search for an exact match e.g. "John Smith". Sometimes you can get lucky by doing this. If the person you are looking for has a presence of some sort on the Internet then you might be able to learn something that leads you to their email address if it doesn't find it straight away.

Find email addresses for free using social networking

Almost everyone I know are now on Facebook so you might be able to find a person this way. Facebook may not give you their email address but they will give you a means of contacting them by sending them a private message. If you get no luck with Facebook then try Myspace and other social networking sites.

Find addresses using specialist email address directories

When you've exhausted the free methods of finding someone's email address, or if you want to do a quick comprehensive search with the minimum of fuss and bother then you should try a paid Email Tracer that has been collecting email addresses and other information about people for years. You can search their entire database in a matter of seconds.

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How Do I Find Someone's Email Address



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