Cool Spy Gadgets To Catch a Cheating Spouse

How do I monitor and track my cheating spouse using cool spy gadgets?

How to tell if girlfriend is cheating Catch your cheating spouse now

If your feelings tell you that your spouse is cheating on you and you've noticed some of the giveaway signs that tell you he or she is having an affair then your next step must be to get some proof. Without evidence of infidelity you can't do anything. You can't confront your partner about it because without concrete proof they will bluff their way out of it and make you feel even worse than you already do. It could be even worse if you're wrong and your spouse isn't cheating on you after all.
If you aren't sure how to look for the signs of an infidelity affair in your partner then then you should read the article 10 Signs Of Cheating Spouse then come back here to find out how to get proof.

how do I get proof that my spouse is cheating on me

Getting proof of a cheating spouse is about catching them in the act of carrying out the the affair and recording the circumstances. Two of the most common ways used by Private Investigators to catch cheating partners are to photograph them in the act or follow and observe where they go and how long they stay.

You can hire a Private Detective to do this for you but it can get expensive and you might not be ready to take such a deliberate step yet. I personally like using cool spy gadgets rather than hiring detectives because it's cheaper, simpler and no one else needs to be involved.

There are many types of spy gadget available but the two that I like the most are:

Covert video spy cameras

To get photographs of your spouse in the act of the affair you can use a small video camera concealed in a familiar object such as a digital clock. The technique works best when the clock actually works as you would expect any clock to work. It will attract less attention if it does.

Find a camera that records what it sees on a removable memory card like the ones used in digital cameras. Place it in the room where your spouse might invite a visitor while you are away. Leave the camera for a few days then take out it's memory card and replay the video on your PC. It's very easy to do.

GPS tracking devices (GPS Auto Tracker)

To find out where he goes and how long he stays there you can use a small GPS satellite tracking device that can be concealed somewhere on his car. Get one that records the information in it's memory and leave it in his car for a few days. When you retrieve it you can replay his journeys on your PC. It couldn't be more easy to track your spouse this way.

These are two great ways of catching your spouse in the act of cheating and getting evidence that you can use to confront him with. If you would like learn more ways then please download a copy of How To Catch Your Cheating Spouse It has everything that you might need to guide you through the whole process.

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Cool Spy Gadgets To Catch Cheating Spouse


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