How To Tell If Your Spouse Is Cheating?

How Do I Know If My Spouse Is Cheating?

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Is your spouse spending a lot of time online? An alarming statistic revealed by recent surveys suggest that more than 40% of all people using the internet to seek dates and intimacy are already in a relationship with someone else. That means that if you meet someone on the Internet and become more involved than just friends then they are very likely to be cheating on someone.

How does a woman know if spouse is cheating?

As many as 85% of women who think that their spouse is cheating on them are absolutely correct. That's feminine intuition working at it's best. My guess is that most men are also able to pick up on the tell-tale signs of a spouse who is being unfaithful to them. So if you think that your partner, girlfriend or boyfriend is having an affair behind your back then you are probably right and you should start to gather evidence to prove it. Remember that you could be wrong about your partner so it's important to get some proof one way or the other.

Don't confront your spouse until you have proof of cheating

If you think that your mate is having an affair then you must find some proof to back up your feeling before you confront them with it. Never talk to your spouse about this until you have some rock solid proof to back you up. Why? Because if your partner is cheating then you will let him know that you suspect something and allow him to cover his tracks while calling your bluff. This will make it much more difficult for you to gather the proof that you need.

How to read the signs of infidelity affair

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Don't break up your marriage over nothing

Another good reason for not talking to your spouse about how you think that they are having a sordid affair in secret behind your back is that you might just be wrong. If you are wrong you could do far more damage than good to your relationship. Remember that 15% of women and probably men too, who think that their spouse is cheating on them are wrong.

Accusing your ever faithful spouse of having an illicit affair is unlikely to bring happiness to your relationship and in extreme cases, could actually cause a break up. Get some proof that your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse is cheating before you confront them with it.

Ways to catch a cheating spouse

There are many techniques that you can use to gather the proof that you need to tell if your spouse is cheating. Here is a list of some of the methods you can use effectively. All the points above and a whole lot more are dealt with in great detail in the How to catch my spouse cheating book. Use it to get rock solid proof that your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you. If you can't find proof after that then your partner isn't cheating on you and you can put your mind at rest.

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How To Tell If Your Spouse Is Cheating?


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