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October 2, 2008

Is There Hope to Save a Marriage? Yes and Here is the Secret to Turning Your Marriage Around

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If you’re marriage is breaking up and you want to save it then you most likely think that you should be working hard to repair all the apparent damage and persuade your spouse to change their mind.

This almost never works and all you end up doing is annoying your partner and driving him or her further away from you. This is what 99% of everyone in this situation will do and that’s why most attempts at making up fail.

You need to step back and take a breath. Instead of pleading with your spouse you need to tell him or her that they are right and that you have been thinking the same way for some time. This may not be the case but it’s what you need to do right now at this very minute.

Once you’ve established the split you’ll find that everything becomes just a little more relaxed and you can start the process of getting to know your Ex all over again and hopefully making up and getting back together.

Find out why you should stop trying so hard Make your wife love you again. This is my experience and it came as a big surprise to me at the time.

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