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February 22, 2009

How To Locate A Person By Telephone Number

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How to locate a person by telephone numberLocate a person by telephone number now

Did you know that you can find someone by their telephone number? Well you can and when you use the immense power of the Internet to do your searching you can find the owner of a telephone number in lightning fast time with very little effort on your part.

You’ve most likely used one or more of the Internet’s most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to find information in the past and this is exactly where you should start to find information about phone numbers.

It’s not guaranteed by any means but typing a telephone number into a free search engine could help you locate someone quickly without it costing you a thing. Give it a go you might get lucky.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for using the free search for telephone number method don’t worry because there is another way which is much more likely to give you what you want and a lot more in addition.

You can use a search web site that specializes in locating people. It gathers information from thousands of different sources including telephone numbers and allows you to access it all in a simple and efficient way. Use the reverse phone number search facility provided to locate a person by telephone number in less than 5 minutes.

Find out how easy it is to Locate A Person By Telephone Number

February 10, 2009 Review - See Some Sample Reports

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Get a background check on someone Review - Court Records logo

You might have wondered exactly what it is that you will get when you join a public records searchable database site like Court Records so I’ve put up a short video that will give you a quick overview of the reports that will be available to you.

In the near future I shall be adding some more detailed report samples for you but I thought that the video would give you a good taste of what to expect. Review - Sample reports video Review - Main page Review - See Some Sample Reports

Public Records Background Check Court Records

December 21, 2008

Search Free Arrest Warrants How Do I Search For Warrants

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Find Arrest Warrants for someone now

If you’re prepared to do a bit of legwork it is possible to search free arrest warrants but you may not find what you’re looking for. Here are some suggestions that might help.

Investigate practically anyone

If you think that you might have an arrest warrant locally because you know that you’ve done something that might result in one then you’re problem is a simple one. You can go and visit the courthouse or wherever they keep records in your area and ask. They will tell you if there are any warrants that you need to worry about.

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere where the records are kept online and publicly accessible then you might be able to do the search online for free without the need to visit the office personally.

If you are looking to see if someone else has a warrant in your area then you can try the same approach but be prepared to justify why you want to look up warrants for someone else. They might ask and they might not.

But what if you want to find out if you have warrants in another state? If you have an idea of where they might be then you can visit the records office in that area or their web site if they have one. If you don’t know where the warrants might be then you’ve got a bigger problem.

You might think that there isn’t any point in checking for warrants in places where you’ve never been but what if someone has stolen your identity and committed some crime in a different state? How are you ever going to find that without waiting for the police to knock at your door?

If you want to find out about any warrants that might exist anywhere in the country for you. Or warrants for someone else before you employ or marry them then you should consider spending a small amount of cash to do a comprehensive background check on them.

You can do a background check for arrest warrants which will search public records for the whole country in less than 10 minutes and it’s completely confidential. You can check out anyone you like and find out a lot more information about them than simply their arrest warrant history.

Search Free Arrest Warrants How Do I Search For Warrants

Arrest Warrant Free Arrest Warrants Public Records Background CheckActive Arrest Warrants

October 16, 2008

How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Living Or Dead

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Investigate practicaly anyone
Here’s an easy way to find out if someone is living or dead and it’s very affordable too. If you want to get straight to it then Click here to find find someone right away.This will take you straight to a public records database web site where you can look up the people that you’re interested in.

When you get to the records web site the first thing you want to do is enter the name of the person you’re looking for into the search box. If you know their age or the state that they live in then enter that too. Click the Search button to see a list of matching people. If you see the person that you are looking for then it means that there is some information about them in the database.

This won’t tell you if they’re dead or alive but it does mean that it’s worth paying the small fee to examine the records on that person held in the database so click on the “Proceed Now” link on the same line. This will enable you to see all of the information available on the person that you are looking for.

Amongst a host of other information this web site collects Death Records from many different sources so if the person is dead then there is a good chance that the information will be available.

All the information in this web site is collected from public records databases from thousands of sources so it can never be guaranteed 100% accurate. However for most intents and purposes it will be good enough. It’s certainly the first place that I would start if I wanted to find out if someone is living or dead.

How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Living Or Dead


Death Death Records Public Records Background Check

October 2, 2008

Is There Hope to Save a Marriage? Yes and Here is the Secret to Turning Your Marriage Around

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If you’re marriage is breaking up and you want to save it then you most likely think that you should be working hard to repair all the apparent damage and persuade your spouse to change their mind.

This almost never works and all you end up doing is annoying your partner and driving him or her further away from you. This is what 99% of everyone in this situation will do and that’s why most attempts at making up fail.

You need to step back and take a breath. Instead of pleading with your spouse you need to tell him or her that they are right and that you have been thinking the same way for some time. This may not be the case but it’s what you need to do right now at this very minute.

Once you’ve established the split you’ll find that everything becomes just a little more relaxed and you can start the process of getting to know your Ex all over again and hopefully making up and getting back together.

Find out why you should stop trying so hard Make your wife love you again. This is my experience and it came as a big surprise to me at the time.

Marriage Divorce Marriage Councelling Making Up

August 3, 2008

How Do I Find Out If Someone Is In Jail?

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Find Someone In Prison in less than 10 minutes

There are now well over 2 million inmates locked away in federal prisons and state jails all over the US. If you are looking for someone that you haven’t seen for a long time then you might want to find out if they’re being held in a prison somewhere.

How do I find someone in prison for free?

You can do a quick search for inmates in federal prisons at This is a free web site and should be able to tell you if someone you’re looking for is in a federal prison and which one they are being held in.

Finding someone in a state jail is a little more difficult but you can still do it for free if you’re prepared to spend some time checking out all the correction facilities with online searchable websites. There is a list of them at

If you don’t have enough time and not many of us do these days, then you should consider a quicker way to find out if someone is in prison. For a small fee you can register on an online public records database and search all the jails and prisons in one go. This web site specializes in gathering publicly available information from thousands of different places both online and offline. Remember that not all states publish their correctional records online so you will have more chance of finding someone in jail using this kind of web site.

Do a full background check on someone when you’ve found them

You can do a lot more with a public records website than find people in jail. You can use it to find anyone you like whether they are in prison, in the military or simply law abiding citizens like you and I. This article How Do I Find A Person talks about finding people wherever they are. You can also do full background checks on people and find out if they’re married or have arrest warrants, when their date of birth is, if they’ve been made bankrupt, their current and previous addresses, whether they are alive or dead and much much more.

Find out about someone and their background now

July 15, 2008

How Do I Find A Specific Persons Birthday?

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Click to find someone’s birthday now

If you are anything like me then you can’t remember when anyone’s birthday is can you? It’s so embarrassing because if you know the person well then they assume that you should know it and somehow they think that you don’t care about them if you don’t remember to send a card or have to ask them again.

If you are trying to find out the birthday of someone that you don’t know very well so that you can give them a gift or something then it’s just as awkward. They may not want to tell you for fear of giving their age away. You may not want to ask for fear of letting them know that you are buying them a gift.

I try to write everyone’s birthday in my diary when I can but I don’t have everyone’s date of birth. I would have to ask everyone for their birthdays first anyway.

I have a secret weapon that I use now and here it is I just type in someone’s name and where they live and it tells me all sorts of information about them including their age and date of birth. It doesn’t always work but most people I know are in the database ready for me to access their details.

Give it a try now, you might be surprised at what you can find out about someone.

How Do I Find A Specific Persons Birthday?

Birthdays Age Public Records

July 4, 2008

Is There Hope To Save The Marriage

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Mastery's guide to stopping divorce ebook

I’ve heard it said that 2/3 of all marriages eventualy break down and end in divorce. This is an alarming statistic and it makes you wonder if there is any point at all trying to salvage your relationship when it starts to go bad.


No, stop right there because it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s always hope when it comes to saving your marriage, it just takes a little effort and an unconventional way of looking at the problem. Learn more about unconventional techniques to win your spouse back in the article How Do I Save My Marriage


Marriage Divorce Marriage Councelling Making Up

February 17, 2008

How To Spot A Cheating Spouse - 10 Signs Of A Cheating Spouse

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Catching a cheating spouse ebook

They say that 85% of women who have a feeling that theire spouse is cheating on them turn out to be completely correct.

You might ask how can they be correct so much of the time because it’s a surprisingly high hit rate? I suppose that part of it can be put down to feminine intuition but I imagine that a similar hit rate might be recorded by men who take the time to observe what’s going on around them.

Keeping a secret as huge as having an infidelity affair behind your partners back is an incredibly difficult thing to do unless you are an accomplished liar or your partner is blind to the clues that are inevitably left. This is why people get the feeling that something isn’t quite right. Thier cheating partner changes in many small ways that are plain to see if only you look for them.

If you are convinced that your spouse is cheating on you you will need to gather some hard evidence of the fact before you do anything about it. You will find all the resources that you need to gather irrefutable proof of you spouses affair in the book How To Catch A Cheating Spouse.

If you’re not yet convinced that your spouse is cheating but you have your suspicions then you should be looking for signs of infidelity. I’ve provided 10 signs that are dead giveaways in the article 10 Signs Of Cheating Spouse

If your spouse, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend shows some or all of the signs in the article then you must obtain some hard evidence even it it only proves that they are not having an affair. This way you can put your mind at rest one way or the other.

Signs of a cheating spouse Cheating spouse Cheating girlfriend Cheating boyfriend

February 8, 2008

How Do I: Catching The Cheating Spouse

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Is this an image of a couple who are cheating on each other?

Are you suspicious of your partner? Do you think that he might be cheating on you?

85% of women are right when they think this

I’ve just started a new “How Do I” category for the website called “How Do I Catch A Cheating Spouse?”. You can probably guess that it’s all about helping you to notice the signs that your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or spouse might be having an affair behind your back and showing you how to gather the proof that you need to confront the cheat.

Just as important as catching a cheating spouse is proving that they haven’t been cheating on you. The mere suspicion that your love is secretly cheating on you is very damaging to both you and your relationship so you need to know one way or the other.

The information on is currently a work in progress starting with how to recognise the tell-tale signs that your spouse might be cheating on you. You can find this information here How Do I Catch My Spouse Cheating

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you then you should download this resource How to catch your spouse cheating This book will give you all the information and help that you will need to get proof that your spouse is cheating or not.

Find out if your spouse is cheating on you now

Click the link above for all the help you need to catch your cheating spouse

Cheating spouse Cheating girlfriend Cheating boyfriend

October 26, 2007

How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Dead?

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Find tombstones with a cemetary search

Do you want to find someone but you’re afraid to ask around in case they are dead?

Do you think that someone might be dead but you want to find out for certain?

There comes a time when you suddenly remember that you have friends and even relatives that you haven’t seen for a long time. In my case I have friends from university and school that I haven’t seen for decades and it would be nice to get in touch with them again.

But the older you get the more likely it is to find that some of your friends are no longer with us. If you’ve ever called up a long lost friend only to be told by their spouse that they passed away 3 years ago you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So how do you find out if someone is dead without causing grief or embarrassment? The easiest way is to go to Government-Records and do a death record search.

By doing an online search of public death records you can find someone who is dead quicklyand easily and in the comfort of your own home without any embarrasing phone calls or letters.

Find out if someone is dead

Click the link above to start your search

How to find a dead person

June 22, 2007

Do Background Checks With Reverse Lookup Using A Telephone Number

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Did you know that all you need to do a background check on someone is their telephone number? It’s true, there are websites dedicated to gathering immense amounts of public records from multiple databases and many sources so that they can make all this information available to you in one easy to access package.

These public records databases accumulate all kinds of information about people including their telephone numbers. This means that you can do a reverse telephone lookup by entering the phone number and letting the database search for it’s owner. When you know who owns the number you can then find out all sorts of things about them. See how you can find out if your boyfriend is married the first time you meet him in the article How Do I Find Out If He’s Married Using A Reverse Telephone Search?

Criminal records, Arrest records, marriage records and birth records are just a fraction of the information you can find out about someone and all you need to start with is a telephone number.

Find out how to check someone out with reverse lookup using a telephone number

Reverse Telephone Number

May 21, 2007

How Do I Know What An Arrest Warrant Is?

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What is an arrest warrant and why you should care

Checking for arrest warrants is one of the most important background checks you will ever do on yourself, or on anyone else. If you’ve got a warrant for arrest and you choose to ignore it then you could find yourself with a hefty debt or in jail. So what exactly is an arrest warrant?

There’s two forms of warrant that can get you arrested. There are Bench Warrants and Arrest Warrants. Arrest Warrants are issued by a court when the police present adequate evidence that you might have committed a crime. Bench Warrants on the other hand are issued by the court when you fail to do something that the court has instructed you to do like pay a fine, do community service or even just turn up on time. Find out more about what arrest warrants are in the article What Is An Arrest Warrant

Being aware of arrest warrants when they’re issued is very important and could save you a lot of money or even prevent you getting thrown into jail. The first thing you should do is find out if you have a warrant for your arrest. You can find that out here Court Records If you do have one then you should get yourself a lawyer as soon as possible and arrange to hand yourself in.

The trick is to give yourself up to the court before the police come looking for you. It will be the difference between walking into court voluntarily and being dragged in handcuffed by the police. Which of these two scenarios do you think will gain you the most sympathy and favourable treatment from the court?

Don’t waste time, check for arrest warrants now and make sure that you check regularly in the future.

Arrest Warrant

May 12, 2007

How Do I Find A Warrant For Arrest?

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If you think that you might have a warrant for arrest then you need to find out for certain because if you wait until the police come and arrest you then you will find yourself in a much worse situation than if you had turned yourself in voluntarily.

You might have warrants for arrest out on you and be totally unaware of the fact. They might be the result of speeding offences, unpaid fines or you forgot to turn up in court when you were supposed to. You might even have warrants for things you didn’t do if someone has stolen your identity and committed the crimes in your name.

There are at least four ways to find out if you have a warrant for arrest. You can ask a police officer if you don’t mind getting arrested if they find one. You can ask at the courthouse if you know where the warrants might be. You can wait for the police to knock at your door but I don’t advise that.

The easiest and most effective way to find out if you have warrants for arrest is to subscribe to an online public database service like Court Records This service is very affordable and it allows you to do as many searches for warrants on yourself or anyone else you want. It’s simple, convenient and confidential.

For more information about arrest warrants take a look at the article How Do I Check For Arrest Warrants?

Arrest Warrant

April 28, 2007

How Do I Find Someone

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How do I find someone that I’ve lost touch with

Finding people has never been easier than it is today and you don’t even have to hire an expensive private detective to the research for you.

If you are anything like me then you’ve probably lost touch with most if not all of your friends from high school or university. This can happen whenever you move house or change your job too.

Today you can use the Internet to find almost anyone you want whenever you want using a web site like Government Records to search through thousands of public and private records databases. You can do it from the comfort of your own home and with complete confidentiality.

Read more about finding people here How Do I Find A Person

Background Check

April 14, 2007

Registry Cleaners: Professional PC Repair Tools

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Have you ever wondered why your Windows PC doesn’t seem to be running as fast as it did when you first bought it? Perhaps you’ve noticed unexplainable error messages coming up more than they used to.

I recently ran into a problem like this and it took me and several other computer experts several days to find the problem. It turned out to be an error in the Windows Registry that was a leftover from a software installation that had been done several months previously. The fix was incredibly simple. I just had to delete an entry from the Registry and all was well again but
it took several people many days to find the problem.

I could have kicked myself when we did find the problem because I realised then that I could have found and fixed it by myself in minutes if I’d been using a professional Registry Cleaner and repair tool. It was a classic Windows Registry problem and
the proper repair tool would have detected and fixed it easily.

Needless to say I now use a Registry cleaner and fixer regularly, I’m not going to get caught out like that again. Read the full story of my problem in the article Registry Cleaners: Professional PC Repair Tools

Click here to scan your Registry free now

PC Repair Tools

April 12, 2007

How Do I Use A Windows Registry Cleaner And Fixer?

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You need to be an expert to maintain your Windows Registry. Or at least you need to use a PC repair tool that was designed by experts in the Windows operating system and the Windows Registry.

The Registry is a vitally important part of your Windows system, it controls just about every part of your computer to produce the productive and enjoyable experience that you’re used to and expect.

Your Registry can also be your biggest source of frustration. All too often it can get corrupted by continual install and de install of programs and generally just using your machine. When errors creep into your Registry it can slow your system down, generate unexpected problems and even crash your entire PC. If you want to keep your PC running at it’s peak performance then you need to be using a professional Registry cleaner utility. One that’s been developed by experts.

Don’t even think about trying to edit your Registry yourself even if you do know how to use the ‘Regedit’ utility that you can find in your PC. I’m a software developer and I avoid messing with the Registry because I know exactly how much damage I can do if I make a mistake.

Get yourself a Windows Registry cleaner and fixer developed by experts now and keep your computer running at top speed. Read this article How Do I Use A Windows Registry Cleaner And Fixer? for more information on using Registry cleaners.

PC Repair Tools

April 9, 2007

How Do I Fix My PC Because It Keeps Crashing

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If you’ve got a PC that keeps crashing, has become slow or it keeps giving you unexplained errors then you’re not alone because this is what happens to all Windows PC’s after they’ve been used for some time.

This problem often results from a lack of system maintenance and maintenance of the Registry in particular. The Windows Registry is a database that holds information about everything in your computer from hardware and drivers to applications. It’s the very heart of a Windows PC and it controls everything about your machine from what application to use to play DVD’s to which image to display as your wallpaper. Just imagine what could go wrong if this Registry database gets corrupted!

Every time you install an application, add hardware or install a driver, information is deposited in the Registry to tell the system how to use the new device. If you uninstall something then often some information gets left behind in the Registry.

After continual use the Registry can grow in size and become riddled with errors where things have happened on your system that the Registry doesn’t know about. This can slow your machine down, throw unexplained error messages and crash your system. If you’re unlucky it can even render your system useless and the only way to recover from it is to reload Windows.

Now the last thing you want to do is mess with the Registry yourself unless you know exactly what you’re doing but there is software available that will do the job nicely for you. Read more about this in the article How do I repair my computer because it keeps crashing on me

PC Repair Tools

April 8, 2007

How To Find Out If Someone Is Married

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You’ve just met the man of your dreams, someone who makes you laugh and turns you on in ways you can’t imagine. You’re in love again and you’re about to make a commitment but wait you don’t know anything about this guy. Is he telling you the truth? Before you jump in at the deep end you should make sure that you know him a little better. So how do you find out if someone is married or lying to you… Read more in the article How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Married

It’s been more than a year since my last post. Since that time the autosurf opportunities that I was writing about died and many lost a lot of money as the web sites disappeared. I learned my lesson then so I won’t be talking about any more money making schemes that have no substance anymore. I should have known better and heeded the advice that things that look too good to be true usualy are.

From now on I’m going to get back to showing you how to do things which is the original purpose of the HowDo-i site. I’m going to start by showing you how to find out if someone is married which is something that could be very important to you if you have a new girlfriend or boyfriend and the relationship is starting to get serious. How do you know whether you can trust them or not?


October 23, 2005

New HowDo-i

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The new ScreenHunter HowDo-i is now online at

This article shows you how to obtain, install and use a free screen capture utility that works very well and is surprisingly easy easy to use.

Please take a look at the article and see if it might make life easier for you.

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