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May 28, 2009

How To Get My Wife To Love Me Again

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Picture of man gets wife to love again in restaurantRecapture the magic of your relationship

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Has your marriage gone stale? Has the magic of the early days of your relationship all but disappeared? You are not alone - This happens to almost every couple that have a relationship. It’s normal human behaviour and you have no reason to think that there is anything wrong with you or your wife. Most people never realize this and the relationship often ends in divorce or they stay together unhappily ever after. It doesn’t have to be this way. Getting your wife to fall in love with you again is not impossible if you follow some good advice.

In the beginning of most, if not all relationships, everything is fresh and exciting. You go on dates and do new and interesting things together. You have fun together. This period generally lasts a few weeks or months but rarely much longer. After a while you become used to each other and you start taking your wife for granted. This leads to boredom and discontent with life. You need to recapture the excitement of the early days if you’re going to turn things around.

How can she love me again? Have fun and find out

The solution to the problem of how to get my wife to love me again seems obvious doesn’t it? You need to start having fun together again like you did at the beginning but don’t rush into anything. Take it easy and start to find things that you can organize for the two of you to do together again. If you enjoyed eating out then do it. If you liked going to the cinema together then start going again. Make a point of spending at least one night a week doing things that you both enjoy and make a date of it, just like when you started out.

Making your wife want you again is something that will take time and you will have to work at it if you are going to achieve your aim. When you’ve gotten to the point where she’s fallen for you again you must be careful not to slip back into your old ways or you will just drift apart again. Keep your relationship alive and exciting and never take your wife for granted.

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April 28, 2009

Is There Hope To Save A Marriage And Stop your Divorce

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Save a marriage and stop your divorce
There’s always hope in saving a marriage even if only one of you wants it saved

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The fatal flaw with advice that you get from the average marriage guidance councilor is that it involves a lot of effort from both you and your partner. This would be ok if you both want to fix the relationship and stop your break up but what if your partner isn’t interested in trying to save your marriage? You’re not likely to get very good results if this is the case but what if there was a way to get your ex back even if your your spouse or partner doesn’t want to come back?

New relationships are great to start with aren’t they?

Relationships can be amazing to start with. You were both fresh and alive to each other and you were discovering how much fun you can have together. But after a time, you get too comfortable with each other and if you don’t keep up the excitement and the interest levels high then there’s a danger that you can grow apart. Sooner or later you or your partner decides that you’ve had enough and walks.

Please don’t make the same mistake that most people make

When your partner walks it’s like a wake up call. You realize what’s happened, realize that it’s been happening for months or even years without you even noticing what was going on. Panic takes over at the thought that you are losing your loved one and the pleading starts. You pour out your heart and promise to change.

Stop right there because pleading won’t solve anything

Pleading with your partner is the last thing you should do. Your partner won’t change her mind if you do that, you’ll just make things worse. Don’t make any rash promises that you can’t keep because she won’t believe you anyway. It’s hard I know but you must step back from the situation and begin to get on with your own life. Showing her that you are strong enough to live without her will actually draw her closer to you. It’s a strange concept I know but it’s true.

Get yourself a life - you’ll be surprised at what happens

When my long-standing relationship was going pear shaped some time ago we had just drifted apart and I’d tried really hard for a long time to stop my partner from moving out. Nothing I did worked and I finally gave up when I realized that I was being stupid. I’d be much better off finding a new life than trying to hold on to one that was just going to go nowhere.

I had the surprise of my life at what happened next. I stopped pleading with her and I told her that I’d accepted that it was over and that we should break up. I thought that was what she wanted but perhaps I was wrong? Suddenly it was me who was being pleaded with. I was the one breaking up the relationship not her and she wanted to get it back. Can you believe it?

Is There Hope To Save A Marriage? Yes you bet there is…

I’m sorry to say that things had gone too far for me by this point and my ex’s screams just pushed me further away. I can’t help but wonder what might have happened had I been aware of this secret a lot earlier. Would we sill be together and happily married? If you understand this secret of human relationships you could stop your divorce and save your marriage.

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April 15, 2009

How To Save A Marriage - Should A Couple Separate To Save Marriage?

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How to save a marriage
Staying together didn’t help me save my marriage

Staying together with your spouse for the sake of the children or just in the hope that your relationship gets better, rarely works if you’re trying to save your marriage and avoid divorce. Sooner or later you will end up splitting up so is there another way that might be more effective?

Everyone tells you that you should talk to your partner, listen to what they are telling you then change your behaviour to put right all of your faults. If both of you really work at doing this then your marriage will be solved right? Well probably not.

What if your spouse doesn’t want to save your marriage?

Conventional advice is only likely to work if both you and your partner really want to avoid divorce. Unfortunately this isn’t often the case. More often than not one of you wants to save the relationship but the other one just wants to get out as soon as they can. You can’t hope to work together towards a reconciliation under these circumstances because it simply won’t work.

Pleading and promising to change isn’t going to work either because this just makes you look weak and needy and quite frankly, pathetic. All you will succeed in doing is pushing your partner away quicker than if you did nothing.

How to save your marriage by having a good time

Instead of trying to push yourself onto your partner and killing your relationship by smothering it you could try separation instead. At first sight this sounds like an odd thing to do. How do you end up staying together by separating? Well believe it or not it can work and it might save your marriage even if your spouse doesn’t want it to.

Separating does two things. Straight away your partner will start to realize exactly what she or he will be missing if your relationship ends. If you’ve always been a loving partner and good provider then these qualities in you will be missed immediately. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side is it?

When your spouse sees you having a good time without her she may start to remember why you got together in the first place. This is where you have to concentrate on saving your marriage by just being yourself away from you spouse and make sure that she knows what you’re doing. The more she sees you enjoying yourself and not needing her the more attractive you will become to her. You might even find that your spouse starts trying to save your marriage all by herself, even if she didn’t want to in the first place.

You don’t have to move out

You don’t actually need to be apart physically to have a separation. In fact it helps if you don’t because it will be easier for your spouse to see you being yourself. Tell your partner that you know that she wants a divorce and that you are going to start living your life the way you want to. Let her see you coming home late from the office and starting to date new people. You can even discuss your dates with her and ask her advice on how you can make a good impression. This is sure to get her thinking.

The results from this strategy might surprise you. Lets face it, your marriage was going to end in divorce anyway right, so what have you got to lose? By showing your partner that you don’t need them you will be making yourself more attractive to them and maybe they will start to reconsider what it is that they really want.

How to save a marriage - Do it today




How to save a marriage Stop divorce Making up Get your ex back

October 2, 2008

Is There Hope to Save a Marriage? Yes and Here is the Secret to Turning Your Marriage Around

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If you’re marriage is breaking up and you want to save it then you most likely think that you should be working hard to repair all the apparent damage and persuade your spouse to change their mind.

This almost never works and all you end up doing is annoying your partner and driving him or her further away from you. This is what 99% of everyone in this situation will do and that’s why most attempts at making up fail.

You need to step back and take a breath. Instead of pleading with your spouse you need to tell him or her that they are right and that you have been thinking the same way for some time. This may not be the case but it’s what you need to do right now at this very minute.

Once you’ve established the split you’ll find that everything becomes just a little more relaxed and you can start the process of getting to know your Ex all over again and hopefully making up and getting back together.

Find out why you should stop trying so hard Make your wife love you again. This is my experience and it came as a big surprise to me at the time.

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July 4, 2008

Is There Hope To Save The Marriage

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Mastery's guide to stopping divorce ebook

I’ve heard it said that 2/3 of all marriages eventualy break down and end in divorce. This is an alarming statistic and it makes you wonder if there is any point at all trying to salvage your relationship when it starts to go bad.


No, stop right there because it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s always hope when it comes to saving your marriage, it just takes a little effort and an unconventional way of looking at the problem. Learn more about unconventional techniques to win your spouse back in the article How Do I Save My Marriage


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