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May 12, 2011

How To Find Out If Someone Is Married

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Use the same databases that the law enforcement agencies use

Wedding bands

Background check your man now

Finding the right partner nowadays is a difficult enough task at the best of times but how do you know that your new love is being honest with you? Whether you just met or you’ve known him or her for years they could have skeletons in their cupboard that they don’t want to you to know about. Some of these skeletons could be very important to you so it’s worth doing a little digging. For instance, make sure that you know how to find out if someone is married.

Ask them if they are married

The obvious first step is to simply ask them whether they are married or have been in the past. If they are honest they will tell you the truth and the skeletons can be left behind. But how do you know that they are being honest with you?

Pay careful attention to what they say and look for discrepancies. It’s very difficult to keep up a complicated lie and mistakes can easily creep into the story. Do the dates in his story make sense? Does he go away on mysterious business trips etc? You only need to find one thing that you absolutely know is a lie to cast a cloak of doubt on everything else they’ve told you. If this happens then confront them immediately and walk away if you don’t get a satisfactory reply.

Do some undercover work

If you have an idea where someone might have been married then you can write to the local offices in that area and ask for marriage records. But what if you don’t know where they came from? Even if you do there’s no guarantee that that’s where they got married so how do you find out if someone is married when you don’t have any idea where they might have done it?

Find out if someone is married the easy way

Until very recently the means to search for information such as whether you are married or not was reserved solely for the law enforcement agencies. Through the power of the Internet these same databases are now available to everyone and made easily accessible through very affordable software. Not only can you find out whether they are married but whether they have a criminal record or have been arrested, when and where they were born, whether they have been declared bankrupt and many, many other background checks. A small investment to gain access to all this information can save you from making a big mistake.

Do your own investigations using professional online services: How To Find Out If Someone Is Married

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Author: Steve Gee

How To Find Out If Someone Is Married

May 6, 2011

Whether Crime Prevention Should Be A Priority In The Criminal Justice System

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Author: Carolyn Smith


Court room gavel

Find criminal records now

The criminal justice system is evolving with time. Gone are the days when it simply focused on long prison sentences as the only way to deal with crime. Public opinion is changing and so should the criminal justice system. There is more emphasis on attacking underlying causes and not just surface issues. More and more experts agree that crime prevention is the way to go in this situation. They assert that prison sentences, especially for non-violent offenders, only deal with the problem temporarily. They also believe that crime prevention should be the centrepiece of the criminal justice system. (Pfeiffer, p 55, 2003)

Find criminal records easily online

Crime prevention should be the focus of the criminal justice system because it has overwhelming public support

A Research conducted by the Heart Research Associates Inc. on the perception of the public on crime prevention found that majority of the people believed in a more pro-active rather than reactive approach. This research was conducted in the year 2002. But ten years ago, when the public was asked about what they thought about crime prevention, 42% said the criminal justice system should focus on punitive action while 48% supported crime prevention. These statistics have changed drastically with time. In 2002, when a similar research was conducted by the same research company, it was found that 65% of the public believe in dealing with root causes while 32% wanted more severe measures to take precedence in the criminal justice system. The survey also indicated the following preferences.













Source; Peter D. Hart Research Associates, Inc (2002): Changing Public Attitudes toward

the Criminal Justice System; Journal for Open Society Institute

Crime prevention deals with root causes

It should be noted that most of the time, there are cases in which people break the law because they have no where else to turn to. Such people normally come from deteriorating neighbourhoods. They feel that there is not much that can be done about their situation and they opt to choose crime as their only means for survival. Most of these criminals normally have very low educational backgrounds. Consequently, their options in the formal employment sector are quite limited. They need to earn a source of livelihood and still have to meet their daily needs. However, the public only offers them temporary jobs that do not pay as much. Some individuals may feel the need to deal with this lack of necessities through crime. Overly, the underlying problem is education, if the government was to invest in education of such criminals then there would be no need to commit crimes and all the other issues will fall into place. (Maguire, p 207-265, 2000)

Do a background checks on someone

Most criminals commit their crimes because their neighbourhoods make it easy for them to do so. In most Cities, there are certain localities that have been ignored by the governing authorities of the day to such an extent that their buildings and other infrastructural facilities are simply deplorable. It is therefore easier for criminals to break into such systems and take what they would want without to much struggle. If some investments had been made into those neighbourhoods, then there would be better facilities and better security for its residents thus discouraging crime.

Certain criminals do not have a sense of moral values. Their environment has served a fertile ground for moral deterioration. They see no benefit in caring about what other people around them may feel as a result of their actions. Consequently, most of these criminals end up committing their crimes because they do not know what is expected from them from society. Crime prevention as a strategy for crime prevention could deal with this by targeting youth offenders. Most of them could be placed in community prevention centres where they could get taught a number of societal norms. (Kenney, p23, 1998)

Many of the neighbourhoods that some of these youth come from are usually associated with low levels of family support. Some offenders may be tempted to commit crimes because they feel that they have nothing to loose. They do not feel loved and cared for and consequently have low self esteem. According to them, crime is a way of letting out some of their pent up anger and frustrations. It should be possible to prevent crimes of this nature if youth were targeted. The reason why it is useful to target the youth is because they are not yet that far gone; they are still at a point when they can be moulded and transformed. At their age, they have not hardened already. Such youth can be taught fundamental truths in and their psychological problems can be addressed adequately in community centres.

Since the issue of employment contributes to many criminal cases, crime prevention strategies can deal with that issue and eliminate the need to commit crimes due to that reason. This can be achieved through the process of instilling potential offenders with job skills. Consequently, such people will have no need to resort to crime as a means of earning a living since they have other alternatives available

Failure in past approaches

Crime prevention should take precedence within the criminal justice system because the punitive approach has failed. Most psychologists argue that when criminals are simply arrested and taken into prisons for a certain period of time, they may not feel the need to reform. They actually claim that this serves to reinforce certain criminal activities. This is because they get to interact with fellow criminal and even learn more tricks to the trade and by the time they leave their prison cells, they are worse off than when they came in. What this means is that the criminal justice system is just going around in circles; criminals commit crimes, stay in prison, then go back to where they started from. When criminals go back to their neighbourhood, the very reason why they committed their crimes in the first place still exists. They will still be faced with family problems, lack of employment and other social evils. These circumstances will propel them into crime and they will end up going back to prison. This is the reason why drug related cases still continue. Psychologists believe that criminals perform criminal behaviour because of these social pressures and they need to be addressed if the criminal justice system hopes to be effective in the future. The ultimate solution would therefore be crime prevention. (Austin, p 34, 2001)

Search criminal records

Crime prevention would be quite favourable in drug related cases instead of punitive actions. For example, those caught should be placed in mandatory drug treatment centres. They could also be subjected to community service instead of locking them up in prison cells. There was some sort of disparity in the way the criminal justice system has been handling perpetrators. A person who has committed a burglary and another who has been caught using drugs are given more or less the same treatment through prison sentencing. This is not a fair or effective way of going about the crime problem.

It should also be noted that there may be certain individuals who lack the ability to move on with their lives because the way the criminal justice system has been in the past is that it condemns and segregates offenders. For expel, when one has been convicted to serve a prison term and they complete their term, they are not allowed to drive a car even if they have a driving licence. Besides this, they are not allowed to own houses or get certain jobs. What this does is that it frustrates them the more. Such individuals have no room to have fresh start because most of them lack public goodwill. What this does is that it encourages them to continue with a life of crime because they feel that society is already biased towards them. One can therefore conclude that the criminal justice system has not been very effective in the process of dealing with future crime incidences. Crime prevention is the only alternative to this endless cycle of crime. (Oxford Handbook of Criminology, p13, 2003)

Nipping crime at the bud

Many experts have argued that crime prevention will be more successful since most hard core criminals started out as youthful vandals who were shown the right direction. Some people have argued that the countries that have implemented crime prevention strategies have been very effective in crime stoppage. A case in point is the battle against alcohol and drug abuse in Sweden. The campaign was started by psychologist and criminologist Nils Bejerot. He believed that the drug control system used in Sweden before his reforms was quite inadequate. He asserted that if the new carriers of the drug taking habit were dealt with before hand, then there would be chances of preventing them from becoming ambassadors for the drug taking problem. He conducted an experiment in the year 1965 at Stockholm.

This psychiatrist suggested that those who had been caught by police using small amounts of drugs should be placed in treatment program that is mandatory in nature. This would go a long way in ensuring that all the future cases of drug dealing were taken care of. In line with the program, local authorities should conduct follow ups to ensure that those particular candidates stay committed to the prevention program. This has gone a long way in eliminating drug abuse cases in Sweden. Statistics testify to the effectiveness of this strategy. In Sweden only one in 1,400 may be imprisoned for possession of illegal drugs. This is such an achievement given the fact that other countries like the United States arrest about one in very 136 people for the possession of illegal drugs. It was also found that due to crime prevention in Sweden, there are much fewer chances of getting students with drugs in comparison to the seventies. Statistics have also shown that in Sweden there are less chances of drug abuse than in the entire continent of Europe. This also applies to cases of drug abuse recently and five years ago. Their crime prevention strategy has received more enforcement from the criminal justice system over the past years ago and this corresponds to less cases. Sweden does not apply its drug policy to new offenders only, it also has a follow up program for convicted offenders.

Search for arrest warrants

Accidents that occur due to alcohol abuse or drunk driving are quite common in countries that have not implemented certain crime prevention strategies. Local authorities should go out of their way to ensure that crimes resulting from alcohol intake are eliminated. This can be achieved by introduction of breath-testers. Drivers who exceed allowable limits should be prevented from driving by placing them into rehabilitation centres. Such a proactive approach will ensure that there will be limited cases in the future. (Cox & Wade, p 105, 1998)

Gang violence can also be prevented through the use of the overall community. The police can work hand in hand with local residents to monitor the activities of these gangs and these collaborative efforts will help police during the prevention of such kinds of offences.

There should be more emphasis on the youth in order to ensure that future crimes are not committed. Crime prevention efforts need to be directed to the youth because they account for about twenty percent of all the cases reported to the police. It was also found that those who happened to be caught once were less likely to get caught again. However, there are cases of persistent offenders that would be arrested more than once. A research conducted among these repeat offenders found that there were certain characteristics common to most of these offenders. They are as follows;

The research also identified the fact that these behavioural traits could be prevented by a strategy called early intervention. Most of these youth had potential o become worse but with the right approach more could be done to ensure that this did not continue again. Crime prevention among the youth can be made in such a way that there are coordinated efforts towards dealing with youth offenders. First of all, there can be creation of bodies to coordinate work done towards these efforts. On top of this, there should be greater involvement of other stakeholders. The police should cooperate with the departments of children and youth affairs.

Early intervention needs to be conducted in cases where families seem particularly vulnerable to future crimes. Such families are normally characterised by the traits that were listed above. These are efforts that can be conducted by the policing unit in conjunction with other local authorities. However, there may be instances when some youth are at higher risks than others. Those at higher risks need to be placed under closer and more severe programs.

Prevention of crime needs to be done through the involvement of families too. In case youth offenders have been caught, their family members need to be consulted on what they feel could be the best methods to use when tackling their child. This can be achieved through the conduction of conferences that involve law enforcement officers, social workers and the parents. This will help in unveiling some of the underlying problems and will also help in the customisation of solutions to suite specific cases. (Sherman, p 54, 1997)


Crime prevention should take the greatest precedence in the criminal justice system because it has overwhelming public support. A survey asking people what the law enforcement authorities need to prioritise indicated that there was a need to place more emphasis on crime prevention rather than other strategies. The second reason why crime prevention should take up priority in the criminal justice system is the fact that most crimes are committed as a result of certain social problems. Crime prevention identifies those problems and deals with them thereby eliminating future cases of crime. It should also be noted that past systems have not been effective in the criminal justice system. They have only enforced criminal behaviour; crime prevention is a better approach because it tackles the problem from the inside out. Lastly, countries that have prioritised crime prevention have shown statistically, that this is an effective method; their crime rates have reduced. With all this backing, crime prevention should be made top priority.

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Austin, J. (2001): Sentencing Guidelines: A State Perspective; Ph.D., Executive Vice-President, journal for the National Council on Crime & Delinquency, Vol. 3, No. 8, p 34

Cox, S. & Wade, J. (1998): The Criminal Justice Network: An Introduction; New York: McGraw-Hill, p 105

Kenney, D. (1998): Crime in the Schools: A Problem-Solving Approach. Police Executive

Research Forum Journal, Vol. 8, No. 13, pp. 23

Maguire, E. (2000): Have Changes in Policing Reduced Violent Crime? Cambridge University Press, New York, 2000. pp. 207-265

Oxford Handbook of Criminology (2003); Oxford University Press, p 13

Pfeiffer, C. (2003): Trends in Juvenile Violence in European Countries; McMillan Publishers, p. 55

Sherman, L. et al (1997): Preventing Crime: What Works, What Doesn’t, What’s Promising; Routledge Publishers, p 54

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July 21, 2010

Absolutely Free Background Checks - Unlimited Public Records Searches

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Background records building

Start your unlimited background checks now

Do you background check the people that you come in contact with? You should. Especially if you are dating or having them do work for you or trusting them in some other way. Don’t be put off by thinking that background investigations have to be expensive either. I want to tell you how you can do unlimited absolutely free background checks on as many people as you want to.

If you don’t check what someone tells you or you take them at face value then you can never be sure that they are worthy of your trust. Most people are trustworthy of course but they are not the ones that you need to worry about. A small number of people will have intent to rip you off in some way so it’s a good idea to take some precautions.

The simplest precaution you can take is to do an online background check on them to check for criminal records, arrest warrants, sex offenders, bankruptcies and generally check out their story. I used to recommend a Court records web site for doing such background investigations. It was and still is a very fast, efficient and confidential service that delivers on it’s promise.

So why don’t I use that site anymore? Well each direct search that you do costs a small amount of money which is great, so long as you don’t have many searches to do. The trouble is, I generally end up doing more searches than I planned to. By the time I’ve made a few mistakes with peoples names and got sidetracked looking up stuff on relatives and neighbors etc. all the small fees have added up to a sizeable amount.

These days I think that you should be considering a membership site for your investigations. The site I now recommend is called Inteligator. It gives you practically the same facilities as the pay per search site but it can work out a lot cheaper. It costs you less because once you have subscribed you can do absolutely free background checks.

You can do an unlimited number of free background searches and if you take advantage of the very low cost trial offer, I think that it’s less than 5 bucks, it can be a very cost effective solution. In fact you can’t afford not to do it. It’s a very small price to pay for peace of mind. Click here to try out Inteligator - Do it now.

For more information on how Inteligator works see this review where I compare the 2 web sites Absolutely Free Background Checks - Court Records or Inteligator

May 26, 2009

Arrest Warrants - Search For Warrants As Often As You Can

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Arrest warrants search - Inteligator web site logo
Do an arrest warrant search now

Warrants for arrest are something that you don’t want but sometimes it’s difficult to avoid getting one. When you do get a warrant it’s in your interest to get something done about it as soon as possible so you need to do arrest warrants searches regularly. If you do an arrest warrant check on yourself at least once a month then you should have time to deal with any that crop up before you get arrested.

If your warrant search doesn’t turn up any active results then you will have the peace of mind that will let you sleep easy. Remember that even the most law abiding people can accidentally commit a motoring offence or even get their identity stolen by a criminal who goes on a crime-spree in your name.

The best way to stay on top of this problem is to subscribe to a public records background service. By paying a monthly membership fee you can do as many free arrest warrant searches as you want. You can do them any time you want and on any one you want.

Why not do an arrest warrant search or a criminal background search on your friends and neighbors? You might find some very interesting information.

See a review of the Inteligator background check service.

May 12, 2009

What Shows Up On A Criminal Background Check

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Criminal records search
Do a criminal background check now

There are plenty of web sites where you can go to get a background check done on someone and generally this will include information about any criminal record that they might have. But what do you actually get when you join one of these sites? How can you find out what shows up on a criminal background check?

The web site that I’ve been using gathers public records from hundreds of different sources including court records, arrest records, criminal records, prison records and more. You don’t just get someone’s criminal record when you do a criminal background check, you get a whole lot more on top.

To make it easier for you to see what information you might be able to get I’ve secretly copied a bunch of sample background check reports from the Court Records web site. They show you the kinds of reports that you can expect to get before you decide to give the site a try. Click here to see the sample reports.

Now don’t go expecting that all of the information in the samples will be available for the person you are checking out. It just isn’t possible to show everything about everyone but I can say that I was very pleased with the information that I found and some of it came as a bit of a surprise. Give it a try - you might get a surprise too.

May 5, 2009

Warrant For Arrest - How To Look Up Arrest Warrants

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Do you have any outstanding arrest warrants? Find out right now

Warrant for arrestCheck for warrant for arrest now

The police don’t have to prove that you’ve committed a crime - they only have to think that you have before applying for an arrest warrant from a Judge. The judge will want to see some evidence to support the police suspicions but that’s all. Most people think that you must do something illegal before you get an arrest warrant but that’s not strictly true. The police could come for you at any time, whether or not you’re a criminal. Click here for an easy way to check for arrest warrants.

Have you forgotten to go to court when you should have done? Did you forget to send proof that you did that community service to the court? If you have then the court may have issued a bench warrant for your arrest. If you have any kind of outstanding active warrant then the police will be after you sooner or later.

If you don’t know what a Bench Warrant is then read this: What Is An Arrest Warrant?

Don’t ignore an arrest warrant

If the cops have to come and arrest you then your record will show that the police had to chase you down to serve the warrant on you. this won’t look good for you when you get to court. The judge is human after all so he or she will be influenced by the fact that you didn’t come into court voluntarily. You can’t afford to ignore an arrest warrant even if you don’t know that you have one.

It’s not as uncommon as you might think for there to be warrants that you don’t know about. It happens quite a lot. Did you fail to pay a fine or did you shoot through a speed trap? Perhaps you’ve gotten your identity stolen and someone has been committed some crimes for you. Just think about that for a moment, it is possible to get arrested for something someone else did while they were impersonating you.

It’s so much better if you give yourself up instead of waiting to get arrested

What do you think that the judge will think? Will he or she be inclined to treat you better if your record shows that you voluntarily handed yourself in as soon as you found out that you had an arrest warrant? I’m betting that this would be true even with the most impartial judges. It’s just human nature after all.

Check yourself out for active arrest warrants, engage a lawyer and give yourself up as soon as possible if you have one.

Find out if you have warrants of arrest in less than 10 minutes

There is a very simple and effective way to check for warrants. You can now use an online web site that specializes in public records. It collects and organizes billions of records from many different databases. You can search for your own arrest warrants or warrants on anyone else you might want to check out.

Check someone for arrest warrants now. Do it often and stay on the right side of the law.

May 1, 2009

Active Arrest Warrants - How To Find Warrants For Arrest

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Don’t ever ask a cop if there’s an arrest warrant out on you

Active arrest warrant search on yourself or anyone
Find active arrest warrants now

If a police officer finds a warrant of arrest for you then he is likely arrest you right there. The last thing you want to do if you think that you might have a warrant, is to ask a cop to look it up for you. If you get arrested then you’ve blown what chance you might have had to do something about it before you get arrested.

Perhaps you forgot to pay a fine? Did you even know that you had a fine? Have you been driving too fast and picked up a ticket? You might have forgotten to go to court or failed to do some community service. You might have had your identity stolen and someone else has committed a crime while impersonating you.

Are you a victim of criminal identity theft?

If someone robs you of your identity it’s called identity theft. If someone steals your identity and then commits a crime pretending to be you then it’s called criminal identity theft. If this has happened to you then you could have arrest warrants in states all over the country for offences you didn’t commit and you won’t have any idea that they even exist. This is not a good place to be in and it’s completely out of your control.

Getting your identity stolen is a terrible thing to happen to you. Victims will tell you that the longer it goes unnoticed then the worse your experience will be. Criminal identity thieves can suck your savings dry, obtain documents and commit many crimes in your name without you knowing a thing unless you’re constantly on the look out for signs that something might be wrong. Checking for any arrest warrants is one thing that you can do to help discover that your identity has been stolen.

Enquire at courthouses

If you have an idea of where your warrants might have been issued then you can go to the courthouse and enquire about them. If you have no idea where the warrants could be then you have a problem because you won’t know which courthouse to go to. You can’t try them all can you? If you’ve had your identity stolen then you might have warrants all over the place.

Why not use an online public records database instead

Luckily there are specialist web sites on the Internet that are very good at finding background information such as active arrest warrants. They get their data from thousands of different public and private records databases and then make them all available to you at the click of a button. It doesn’t come any easier than this.

Read this review of a great online investigation web site: Absolutely Free Background Checks - Court Records or Inteligator

April 27, 2009

Absolutely Free Background Checks - Finding Information Is Fun

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Absolutely free background checks

It wasn’t until I discovered a web site that lets you do absolutely free background checks that I realized how much fun it can be finding information about people. I joined this web site recently and I’ve been looking up all my old friends that I haven’t seen for years. That was great - you can actually find people with this site but you don’t have to stop there.

You won’t be able to resist doing background checks and criminal records checks on all of your neighbors just to make sure that they are all that you think they are. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t check out people that you hire to do work for you and of course, you absolutely must do a full background check on all of your dates. How will you ever know that they are telling you the truth otherwise. They could be married already.

Why don’t you try out some free background searches right now and see for yourself how absorbing it can be to have so much information at your fingertips. As soon as you’ve paid the small subscription you will be able to do an unlimited number of background checks and free public records searches for no extra cost.

If you don’t need the flexibility of unlimited free searches you might want to check out this article that compares two great investigation web sites. It might change your mind when you read it.

Absolutely Free Background Checks Background Checks Public RecordsFinding Information

April 18, 2009

How to Find People - Birth Date Search for People

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Using the immense power of Cyberspace to find people and birthdays

How to find peopleFind someone right now

You don’t mean to forget people - it just happens. It happens to you, it happens to me, it happens to everyone. Like all of us you have people that you once loved and cared for who are no longer part of your life even though you promised that you would never lose touch.

Where are they now you might ask? Years later you start to wish that you had kept in touch. If only you had made a point of making sure you always had their address or phone number even if you never used it. Well don’t worry because technology has come to your rescue. Locating someone from the past like this would have been very difficult a few years ago but now with the Internet and some well developed databases you can find your old friends more often than not. The secret to how to find people can be found in some very sophisticated and large public records databases.

Perhaps you haven’t lost touch completely with someone but you want to make contact again after a long time of silence. Sending them a gift on their birthday is a perfect way to do this but you need to know when their birthdate is if this is what you are going to do. The public records databases can help you with this too - find someone’s data of birth from a background check You may never have to admit to forgetting a birthday again.

The Internet is awesome and it’s getting more powerful every single day

Things that would have seemed impossible only a short time ago are being made routine by advances in Internet technology and one of the more impressive developments has been to put free public records within your reach. You are now able to do background searches on people and find out all kinds of stuff such as their address, phone numbers, birth dates, married status, criminal records, arrest warrants and other background information. You can even find out who their neighbors are.

If you want to find someone from your past or simply find out a birth date for someone that you see all the time then all you have to do is put their name into a box on the right web site and see what information you can find.

Learn how to find people today

How to find people Find people Public Records Find Someone

April 10, 2009

How Do I Check If I Have A Warrant for arrest

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How do I check if I have a warrant

Check if you have a warrant now

There are many ways that you can find out whether you have an arrest warrant including asking a police officer. That is if you don’t mind getting arrested on the spot when the officer finds one. You can go and ask at the courthouse but you might have a warrant somewhere else. You can’t visit them all can you? The easiest and quickest way to search for your warrants for arrest is to use an online public records database.

Checking for arrest warrants is something you should be doing regularly because you could pick one up at any time. The Inteligator web site is perfect for this because you don’t have to pay for each and every warrant search you do. Instead you pay a small monthly fee which allows you to do as many arrest warrant searches, background checks, criminal records checks and other searches as you want to. You can check out as many people as you want to as often as you want to.

You can have a lot of fun checking out your friends and family as well as doing background checks on your latest dates and people you might hire to do work for you.

For more information about this online public records service see my Inteligator Review.

How Do I Check If I Have A Warrant for arrest

Arrest Warrant Free Arrest Warrants Public Records Background CheckActive Arrest Warrants

March 8, 2009

How To Find Out If Someone Is Married The Easy Way

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How to find out if someone is married

Find out if someone is married now

You can use the same databases as used by law enforcement agencies

Did you know that you are now able to use the same databases that are used by law enforcement agencies to find out information about people? Yes it’s true, you can use them to look up background information on almost anyone you want. If you want to learn how to find out if someone is married then read on…

First I’ll tell you how you can tell if you’re being lied to by someone about their married status, then I’ll give you a fast and efficient way of finding out if they are married.

First thing to do is ask if they are married

This is a perfectly reasonable question so don’t be afraid to ask it. If the person is being honest with you then they won’t hesitate to answer. If they are your new boyfriend or girlfriend then it’s very important that you get them to answer the question.

You should ask them as many questions as you can think of to get a picture of who they are, where they came from and what their background is.

Whenever you meet or chat on the phone or instant messenger or email you can ask more questions. If you listen carefully to the answers then over a period of time, you will build a picture of your new friend or potential partner. If you keep this up for a few weeks then you will be in a very good position to tell if you’re being lied to or not.

You see it’s very difficult to keep up a lie over a long period of time. If at any time you get the feeling that what your boyfriend or girlfriend is telling you doesn’t match with something they told you previously then you may have been lied to.

If someone can lie to you about anything then they may have lied to you about being married. Even if they didn’t lie about their married status you still can’t trust them. You only have to detect one lie and that’s it - you can’t trust anything they say. Consider walking away if this happens.

How to find out if someone is married the easy way

If you suspect that your new lover is lying to you about not being married or if you can’t wait for them to slip up in conversation then why don’t you find out if they’re married the easy way.

The Internet makes it so easy for you to search for background information including marriage records. You can search for information on just about anyone you want anytime you want. You can do it in just a few short minutes and you don’t even have to leave your home to do it.

Use a web site that specializes in gathering public records from hundreds if not thousands of different sources and makes them available to you at the touch of a few keys. Click here to find out if someone is married in less than 10 minutes.

Public Records Background Check Marriage Records Court Records

February 10, 2009 Review - See Some Sample Reports

by @ 2:40 pm. Filed under Background Checks

Get a background check on someone Review - Court Records logo

You might have wondered exactly what it is that you will get when you join a public records searchable database site like Court Records so I’ve put up a short video that will give you a quick overview of the reports that will be available to you.

In the near future I shall be adding some more detailed report samples for you but I thought that the video would give you a good taste of what to expect. Review - Sample reports video Review - Main page Review - See Some Sample Reports

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December 21, 2008

Search Free Arrest Warrants How Do I Search For Warrants

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Find Arrest Warrants for someone now

If you’re prepared to do a bit of legwork it is possible to search free arrest warrants but you may not find what you’re looking for. Here are some suggestions that might help.

Investigate practically anyone

If you think that you might have an arrest warrant locally because you know that you’ve done something that might result in one then you’re problem is a simple one. You can go and visit the courthouse or wherever they keep records in your area and ask. They will tell you if there are any warrants that you need to worry about.

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere where the records are kept online and publicly accessible then you might be able to do the search online for free without the need to visit the office personally.

If you are looking to see if someone else has a warrant in your area then you can try the same approach but be prepared to justify why you want to look up warrants for someone else. They might ask and they might not.

But what if you want to find out if you have warrants in another state? If you have an idea of where they might be then you can visit the records office in that area or their web site if they have one. If you don’t know where the warrants might be then you’ve got a bigger problem.

You might think that there isn’t any point in checking for warrants in places where you’ve never been but what if someone has stolen your identity and committed some crime in a different state? How are you ever going to find that without waiting for the police to knock at your door?

If you want to find out about any warrants that might exist anywhere in the country for you. Or warrants for someone else before you employ or marry them then you should consider spending a small amount of cash to do a comprehensive background check on them.

You can do a background check for arrest warrants which will search public records for the whole country in less than 10 minutes and it’s completely confidential. You can check out anyone you like and find out a lot more information about them than simply their arrest warrant history.

Search Free Arrest Warrants How Do I Search For Warrants

Arrest Warrant Free Arrest Warrants Public Records Background CheckActive Arrest Warrants

October 16, 2008

How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Living Or Dead

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Investigate practicaly anyone
Here’s an easy way to find out if someone is living or dead and it’s very affordable too. If you want to get straight to it then Click here to find find someone right away.This will take you straight to a public records database web site where you can look up the people that you’re interested in.

When you get to the records web site the first thing you want to do is enter the name of the person you’re looking for into the search box. If you know their age or the state that they live in then enter that too. Click the Search button to see a list of matching people. If you see the person that you are looking for then it means that there is some information about them in the database.

This won’t tell you if they’re dead or alive but it does mean that it’s worth paying the small fee to examine the records on that person held in the database so click on the “Proceed Now” link on the same line. This will enable you to see all of the information available on the person that you are looking for.

Amongst a host of other information this web site collects Death Records from many different sources so if the person is dead then there is a good chance that the information will be available.

All the information in this web site is collected from public records databases from thousands of sources so it can never be guaranteed 100% accurate. However for most intents and purposes it will be good enough. It’s certainly the first place that I would start if I wanted to find out if someone is living or dead.

How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Living Or Dead


Death Death Records Public Records Background Check

August 3, 2008

How Do I Find Out If Someone Is In Jail?

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Find Someone In Prison in less than 10 minutes

There are now well over 2 million inmates locked away in federal prisons and state jails all over the US. If you are looking for someone that you haven’t seen for a long time then you might want to find out if they’re being held in a prison somewhere.

How do I find someone in prison for free?

You can do a quick search for inmates in federal prisons at This is a free web site and should be able to tell you if someone you’re looking for is in a federal prison and which one they are being held in.

Finding someone in a state jail is a little more difficult but you can still do it for free if you’re prepared to spend some time checking out all the correction facilities with online searchable websites. There is a list of them at

If you don’t have enough time and not many of us do these days, then you should consider a quicker way to find out if someone is in prison. For a small fee you can register on an online public records database and search all the jails and prisons in one go. This web site specializes in gathering publicly available information from thousands of different places both online and offline. Remember that not all states publish their correctional records online so you will have more chance of finding someone in jail using this kind of web site.

Do a full background check on someone when you’ve found them

You can do a lot more with a public records website than find people in jail. You can use it to find anyone you like whether they are in prison, in the military or simply law abiding citizens like you and I. This article How Do I Find A Person talks about finding people wherever they are. You can also do full background checks on people and find out if they’re married or have arrest warrants, when their date of birth is, if they’ve been made bankrupt, their current and previous addresses, whether they are alive or dead and much much more.

Find out about someone and their background now

July 15, 2008

How Do I Find A Specific Persons Birthday?

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Click to find someone’s birthday now

If you are anything like me then you can’t remember when anyone’s birthday is can you? It’s so embarrassing because if you know the person well then they assume that you should know it and somehow they think that you don’t care about them if you don’t remember to send a card or have to ask them again.

If you are trying to find out the birthday of someone that you don’t know very well so that you can give them a gift or something then it’s just as awkward. They may not want to tell you for fear of giving their age away. You may not want to ask for fear of letting them know that you are buying them a gift.

I try to write everyone’s birthday in my diary when I can but I don’t have everyone’s date of birth. I would have to ask everyone for their birthdays first anyway.

I have a secret weapon that I use now and here it is I just type in someone’s name and where they live and it tells me all sorts of information about them including their age and date of birth. It doesn’t always work but most people I know are in the database ready for me to access their details.

Give it a try now, you might be surprised at what you can find out about someone.

How Do I Find A Specific Persons Birthday?

Birthdays Age Public Records

October 26, 2007

How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Dead?

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Find tombstones with a cemetary search

Do you want to find someone but you’re afraid to ask around in case they are dead?

Do you think that someone might be dead but you want to find out for certain?

There comes a time when you suddenly remember that you have friends and even relatives that you haven’t seen for a long time. In my case I have friends from university and school that I haven’t seen for decades and it would be nice to get in touch with them again.

But the older you get the more likely it is to find that some of your friends are no longer with us. If you’ve ever called up a long lost friend only to be told by their spouse that they passed away 3 years ago you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So how do you find out if someone is dead without causing grief or embarrassment? The easiest way is to go to Government-Records and do a death record search.

By doing an online search of public death records you can find someone who is dead quicklyand easily and in the comfort of your own home without any embarrasing phone calls or letters.

Find out if someone is dead

Click the link above to start your search

How to find a dead person

June 22, 2007

Do Background Checks With Reverse Lookup Using A Telephone Number

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Did you know that all you need to do a background check on someone is their telephone number? It’s true, there are websites dedicated to gathering immense amounts of public records from multiple databases and many sources so that they can make all this information available to you in one easy to access package.

These public records databases accumulate all kinds of information about people including their telephone numbers. This means that you can do a reverse telephone lookup by entering the phone number and letting the database search for it’s owner. When you know who owns the number you can then find out all sorts of things about them. See how you can find out if your boyfriend is married the first time you meet him in the article How Do I Find Out If He’s Married Using A Reverse Telephone Search?

Criminal records, Arrest records, marriage records and birth records are just a fraction of the information you can find out about someone and all you need to start with is a telephone number.

Find out how to check someone out with reverse lookup using a telephone number

Reverse Telephone Number

May 21, 2007

How Do I Know What An Arrest Warrant Is?

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What is an arrest warrant and why you should care

Checking for arrest warrants is one of the most important background checks you will ever do on yourself, or on anyone else. If you’ve got a warrant for arrest and you choose to ignore it then you could find yourself with a hefty debt or in jail. So what exactly is an arrest warrant?

There’s two forms of warrant that can get you arrested. There are Bench Warrants and Arrest Warrants. Arrest Warrants are issued by a court when the police present adequate evidence that you might have committed a crime. Bench Warrants on the other hand are issued by the court when you fail to do something that the court has instructed you to do like pay a fine, do community service or even just turn up on time. Find out more about what arrest warrants are in the article What Is An Arrest Warrant

Being aware of arrest warrants when they’re issued is very important and could save you a lot of money or even prevent you getting thrown into jail. The first thing you should do is find out if you have a warrant for your arrest. You can find that out here Court Records If you do have one then you should get yourself a lawyer as soon as possible and arrange to hand yourself in.

The trick is to give yourself up to the court before the police come looking for you. It will be the difference between walking into court voluntarily and being dragged in handcuffed by the police. Which of these two scenarios do you think will gain you the most sympathy and favourable treatment from the court?

Don’t waste time, check for arrest warrants now and make sure that you check regularly in the future.

Arrest Warrant

May 12, 2007

How Do I Find A Warrant For Arrest?

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If you think that you might have a warrant for arrest then you need to find out for certain because if you wait until the police come and arrest you then you will find yourself in a much worse situation than if you had turned yourself in voluntarily.

You might have warrants for arrest out on you and be totally unaware of the fact. They might be the result of speeding offences, unpaid fines or you forgot to turn up in court when you were supposed to. You might even have warrants for things you didn’t do if someone has stolen your identity and committed the crimes in your name.

There are at least four ways to find out if you have a warrant for arrest. You can ask a police officer if you don’t mind getting arrested if they find one. You can ask at the courthouse if you know where the warrants might be. You can wait for the police to knock at your door but I don’t advise that.

The easiest and most effective way to find out if you have warrants for arrest is to subscribe to an online public database service like Court Records This service is very affordable and it allows you to do as many searches for warrants on yourself or anyone else you want. It’s simple, convenient and confidential.

For more information about arrest warrants take a look at the article How Do I Check For Arrest Warrants?

Arrest Warrant

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