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August 3, 2008

How Do I Find Out If Someone Is In Jail?

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Find Someone In Prison in less than 10 minutes

There are now well over 2 million inmates locked away in federal prisons and state jails all over the US. If you are looking for someone that you haven’t seen for a long time then you might want to find out if they’re being held in a prison somewhere.

How do I find someone in prison for free?

You can do a quick search for inmates in federal prisons at This is a free web site and should be able to tell you if someone you’re looking for is in a federal prison and which one they are being held in.

Finding someone in a state jail is a little more difficult but you can still do it for free if you’re prepared to spend some time checking out all the correction facilities with online searchable websites. There is a list of them at

If you don’t have enough time and not many of us do these days, then you should consider a quicker way to find out if someone is in prison. For a small fee you can register on an online public records database and search all the jails and prisons in one go. This web site specializes in gathering publicly available information from thousands of different places both online and offline. Remember that not all states publish their correctional records online so you will have more chance of finding someone in jail using this kind of web site.

Do a full background check on someone when you’ve found them

You can do a lot more with a public records website than find people in jail. You can use it to find anyone you like whether they are in prison, in the military or simply law abiding citizens like you and I. This article How Do I Find A Person talks about finding people wherever they are. You can also do full background checks on people and find out if they’re married or have arrest warrants, when their date of birth is, if they’ve been made bankrupt, their current and previous addresses, whether they are alive or dead and much much more.

Find out about someone and their background now

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