How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Married

How do I know if my boyfriend is married or has a criminal record?

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Find out if someone is married now
You've just met the man of your dreams, someone who makes you laugh and turns you on in ways you can't imagine. You're in love again and you're about to make a commitment but wait you don't know anything about this guy. Is he telling you the truth? Before you jump in at the deep end you should make sure that you know him a little better. So how do you find out if someone is married and not lying to you?

Ask your mutual friends about him

If you've known this person for some time then you probably have some friends in common. Talk to them because they can be a valuable source of information about your new lover. You can often find out a lot about someone by simply asking questions like "what's he like" and "what's his ex like?

Question your new boyfriend

If your new boyfriend is someone that you met recently then you may not have any mutual friends to ask so how do I find out if he's married when I've got no one to ask? Well there is someone to ask, your new lover can give you all the answers you need if you ask the right questions and really listen to the answers he gives you. Find out everything you can about him by asking questions about his life, his work and his past loves.

Look for inconsistencies in his story

If your man (or woman of course) is telling you the truth then they should be happy to answer your questions and there shouldn't be any inconsistencies. If he seems uncomfortable with your questions or you find that there are contradictions in what he tells you then you should be careful. If he can tell you one lie then he might be telling you a whole pack of them. Back off is my advice in these situations because you could be getting into something that you would rather avoid.

How do I get a background check done on someone?

If you're suspicious in any way then you should do a background check on him before you go any further. It's now easier than it's ever been to find out if someone is married or has a criminal record. Web sites like this one at Inteligator gives you easy access to public records databases that allow you to do background checks on practically anyone you want, whenever you want. This has got to be the simplest way to find out if he's married there is and it's completely confidential too. Why not give it a try now.

You can also use public records databases to find people that you've lost touch with. Read more about this in the article How Do I Find A Person

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How Do I Find Out If Someone Is Married?


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