How Do I Check For Active Arrest Warrants?

Do a background check on yourself. It could keep you out of jail

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Check for arrest warrants right now

If you've got active warrants out on you and you choose to ignore the situation until you get a call from the police it could cost you money, damage your reputation and might very well end up with you in jail. At the very least you could get an arrest record.

If you give yourself up voluntarily you stand a much better chance of receiving lenient treatment from the court. The problem is that you may not know that you have a warrant unless you do something to find out. Check yourself out now and sleep easy.

If you don't know what an arrest warrant is then click here.

Do you have speeding offences or unpaid fines?

You might have warrants for arrest that you didn't know about for a number of reasons. You might have a speeding offence that you haven't been notified of yet or you might have forgotten to pay a fine or even forgotten to turn up in court when you should have. Any of these things could trigger a warrant for your arrest being issued.

Are you an identity theft victim?

Identity theft is big business for criminals and it's a growing problem. Almost everyone has either been a victim or knows of someone who's had their identity stolen. It's very common that the victims of identity theft don't know that someone is using their name for months or even years and they only find out when they notice money missing out of their bank account or they receive bills for things that they didn't order.

Now when someone steals your identity and commits a crime in your name it's called criminal identity theft. When this happens you could end up with arrest warrants for crimes you didn't commit. You could have multiple warrants in many different states or even different countries.

If the police come looking for you with these warrants they could arrest you on the spot and your police record will show that you were returned involuntarily on the warrant. This is a tough situation to be in because it tells the court that you had to be dragged in rather than giving yourself up. If you want to avoid this situation then you'll want to do a regular background check on yourself.

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How do I find an arrest warrant before the police come and get me?

Subscribe to an online public records database service

Doing an online background check on yourself has to be your best option. It's quick, simple and so convenient that you can do it all in a few minutes from the comfort of your own home. Searching is completely confidential and I think that you'll find it very affordable. Inteligator is one of the best examples of an online public records database service. Read the review here Inteligator Court Records

Do nothing and wait for the police to knock at your door

You could just stick your head in the sand and hope that the worst never happens. The chances are that it won't but do you want to take the risk for the sake of a few minutes research once in a while? If there is a warrant out for you then eventually you'll be contacted but by then it will be too late for you to do much to help yourself. You could find yourself in a lot of debt and in jail.

Call all the courthouses

If you don't know whether you have an active arrest warrant and you just want to find out whether you have one. Possibly because you forgot to pay a fine or turn up in court when you should have done. You can check for warrants by simply enquiring at the appropriate courthouse. They may not be able to tell you that you have warrants elsewhere however.

Get a police officer to check for you

Any police officer should be able to check for warrants in your name but don't be surprised if you get arrested on the spot if they find that you have one. It's their job to do just that so I suggest that you find another way of getting the information.

Check for active arrest warrants right now

If you want to sleep easy tonight then check for outstanding arrest warrants now. Don't wait for that knock on the door, do it now.

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