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Recently I happened to be talking to someone about how important it was to know if you have an active arrest warrant. What this person told me took me by surprise and it turned my thinking on it's head.

I said that if you wanted to avoid the stress and financial loss, not to mention the embarrassment that would happen to you if the police came and arrested you on a warrant unexpectedly one day then you have to make regular checks to see if you have an arrest warrant anywhere in the country. If you know that you have a warrant then you can get a lawyer and go and hand yourself in voluntarily which not only is the right thing to do but it will also lead to the best outcome for you.

If you get an arrest warrant then simply move to another state to avoid it

Then I was told something that took me by surprise. Apparently the person I was talking to had warrants in another state and so did his wife. It turned out that they had warrants in several states dating back for years. I don't know why this person told me this - I would rather keep that sort of thing to myself but he obviously felt confident enough not to worry about it. I suppose if I reported his whereabouts to the police he would simply move out of state again.

The police can't afford to enforce arrest warrants from other states

I was trying to keep the conversation light hearted at this point because I started to get a very uneasy feeling but I wanted to find out more. Apparently the police don't enforce warrants for arrest across states because it's too expensive for them. I guess that they think that if a criminal has moved away from their area then they are someone else's problem.

The person that told me this then informed me that moving state was a very common method of evading the law and that he knew of many more criminals living in the area that had moved to escape capture in states where they had committed crimes.

Anyone in your area could have an active arrest warrant

The implications of what I was being told started to dawn on me and I realized that this was a big problem. Why? Because it means that literally anyone in your neighborhood or any one of your work buddies or anyone that you invite into your home, could be criminals in another state. That's a frightening thought isn't it?

Find out who the criminals are

Ever since I had that conversation with the stranger I've been doing background checks on people that I know and anyone that I might consider hiring to do any work for me. I've found that it's real easy to do online using free public records and some of the things that you can find out about people are very interesting. You can find out if they have active arrest warrants or criminal records, whether they are married or not, where they live and where they used to live, whether they have been made bankrupt and all sorts of things.

It doesn't take 5 minutes to do an online background check on someone so why not start checking people out today. You know it makes sense and you might regret it if you don't.

Who knows what you'll find when you start to check out your friends and neighbors. You should check out the people who live near you and anyone you come into contact with. Make a point of doing active arrest warrant searches on anyone that you might hire to do any work for you and anyone you might date. You could save yourself a lot of problems and if they come up clean then you will have peace of mind.

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Author: Steve Gee

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