How to Access Public Records And Do Background Checks on People from the Internet in 2 Easy Steps

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When I found my partner on the Internet several years ago it was something that you didn't talk about. It was like going to a match-makers club and feeling guilty for doing it - Or so I thought. As it turns out, thousands upon thousands of people meet their true love on the Internet every day.

Almost everyone I speak to now has either met their spouse or lover on the Internet. If they haven't then they know someone who has and they have at least tried it out themselves.

The Internet has certainly made life easier for you in this respect but it's also made it easier for the con artists and criminals of this world to get to you and scam you in some way. How do you know if your new Internet buddy is telling you the truth? Do they have a criminal record or arrest warrants? Do they live where they say they do and of course - are they married already?

Don't worry the Internet also gives you a solution to the problem. The Internet makes it easier for you to find new friends, it can also make it easy for you to do a background check on someone and learn their dark secrets.

Here is a 2 step strategy for you to use to background check your new friend before you get too serious.

Step 1: Getting to know your boyfriend or girlfriend

It's harder to get to know someone on the Internet because you don't have face to face contact most of the time and when you do it's only on a web cam which isn't as good as a meeting in the flesh. When you can't see their body language it's harder to detect the lies.

This system is incredibly simple. First you get to know your friend by chatting and asking questions online, then you get on to a public records web site and background check them. If the background search agrees with your friend's answers then there is a very good chance that they are not lying to you.

Don't be afraid to ask these questions. It's all part of getting to know someone and there is no reason why you shouldn't expect truthful answers unless they have something to hide. Here are some suggestions for questions:

Ask for:

  1. The address where they live.
  2. Full name and make sure to ask for any middle names.
  3. Married or not?
  4. Age and birthday.
  5. Telephone numbers and cell phone numbers.
  6. What do they do for a living.

Step 2: Verify the information by doing a background check

Prepare to be blown away the first time you do a background check on someone online. It's amazing what you can find and you can check out anyone and as many people as you want to. If the information that you find in a public records background check search matches what your lover has told you then you can be confident that at least you aren't being lied to.

How do I do a background check with public records

How to access public records

As you can see this is a very simple system. First get some information from your new boyfriend or girlfriend then do an online background check to make sure that the information is correct. If it doesn't match then just walk away. You can find many more where that came from on the Internet.



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