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Wouldn't it be nice to know that none of your friends, workmates or dates had criminal records? Not to mention your family of course. It used to be the case that you had to take everyone on trust and just hope that no one close to you was a convicted criminal. Well you don't have to live with that uncertainty anymore. You can search for someone's criminal record online very easily.

Criminal background checks Most if not all criminal records are publicly available if you only knew where to go and who to ask. So it occurred to me that I should be able to look up someone's criminal record online on the Internet for free. However, when I started to look for web sites that would let me do searches for convictions and arrests I quickly found out that it wasn't going to be as easy as it sounds.

Most of the links that I followed from doing numerous Google searches led me to dead ends. Some of them were local government sites that were difficult to find anything I wanted. They would not have let me search nationally anyway. Most of the links led me to scam sites or sites that would allow easy nationwide criminal background searches but required a fee to access them.

I soon realized that if I was going to look up criminal records on all the people I was close to at the time then I would have to pay to do it and that's what I did. As it turns out the fees are more than reasonable and I could do checks on as many people as I wanted to in no time at all.

When you get yourself signed up at you'll find that it isn't just criminal records that you can look up. Just look at this list of records that you can access that I copied from their web site:

  • Bankruptcy Records search
  • Birth Records search
  • Business Records search
  • Comprehensive Background search
  • Court Records Search
  • Criminal Records search
  • Death Index search
  • Email search
  • Federal Records search
  • Legal/Civil Judgments search
  • Marriage/Divorce search
  • People Search
  • Person Report
  • Property Records
  • Relatives search
  • Reverse Cell Phone search
  • Reverse Land line Phone search
  • Reverse IP search
  • Sex Offender Search
  • SSN Validation search
  • SSN Records search
  • Vessel/Watercraft Records search
  • Warrant search

Just think of what you can do with that kind of information. You can use the birth records search to find out someone's age or when their birthday is. No one likes telling you how old they are so this can be very useful.

If you've just started dating someone new then you can search marriage records to make sure that they aren't lying to you about being married. If you've just got yourself a new business partner it would be a good idea to check out the bankruptcy records to make sure that you're not getting yourself into hot water before you sign anything.

It truly is amazing what you can find out from this web site that would be virtualy impossible to find using free searches. Go and sign up now and give it a try. There's no risk to yourself because your satisfaction is guaranteed. I'm certain that you won't be dissapointed.

How to find criminal records

How Do I Do Free Criminal Records Checks?

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