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Have you got an active arrest warrant somewhere just waiting for you? Did you forget to go to court when you should have? Have you forgotten to pay a fine? If so then you might have had a warrant issued on you. You might rightly be concerned that there is a warrant on you for something you never even did.

I don't think that I have to state the obvious here but if you know that you've committed a crime of some sort then you have to know that there is probably a warrant outstanding for you somewhere. If you have done something wrong in the eyes of the law then you should get yourself a lawyer as soon as you can and arrange to give yourself up quickly before you get arrested. Don't ignore this and just hope that it will go away because it rarely does. They will most likely catch up with you in the end.

You could have acquired a warrant for stupid reasons, like neglecting to go to court when you should or forgetting to pay a fine for something. If this is the case then it is highly likely that you have been issued a Bench Warrant against you. A bench warrant, to all intents and purposes, is the same as an arrest warrant, it will get you arrested sooner or later.

You don't even have to have done anything wrong to get a warrant for arrest. The police merely have to suspect that you were involved in a crime and they can apply for a warrant for you. A criminal might have impersonated you when they committed a crime. The police will have your details and your identity instead of the criminals.

A free arrest warrant search for doing nothing

You can get a free arrest warrant search by just ignoring the fact that you could have a warrant. Sooner or later you will get stopped on the road for a minor offence or just a routine vehicle inspection. When this happens to you the police will give you a free national warrant search. If they discover that you have a warrant, and they will if you do have one, they will most likely arrest you right there and then.

You don't even have to wait to be stopped by the police if you don't want to. You could just walk up to them and ask if you have any warrants outstanding. They will do a warrant search absolutely free for you but they are likely to arrest you if they find that you have an active warrant. Remember that the job of a police officer is to arrest people. The officer will get no praise from his superiors for telling you to hand yourself in and then let you go.

Check for arrest warrants in public records

Free warrant searches by calling at the courthouse

Do you know exactly which county your warrants have been issued in? You will know this if you skipped a court appearance for instance. If you do know where it is then you can go to the county courthouse and just ask them. This should be a free search in most cases and it is unlikely to get you arrested unless the warrant is for something very serious. The difference here is that you are not asking police officers to do the search and the staff at the courthouse have no motivation to get you arrested. You may have to go to the exact same courthouse where the warrant was issued for this to work though. They will probably not be able to search other county records for you.

If you can't be certain in which county your warrant is in then you could try the state records. Most counties add their warrant records to records at state level but the process can be a slow one and sometimes it isn't very reliable. You should check the warrant records at both the county and state level if you want to be as certain as you can be.

Search for free arrest warrants using public records databases

Because arrest warrants are public records they should be available for anyone to see. The only problem you have is knowing where to find them. Luckily there are web sites that are making it their business to collect every piece of all publicly available information from across the nation into huge databases that anyone can search easily.

Public records web sites, the good ones at least, are extremely effective at finding information about people fast and it isn't limited to arrest warrants either. You can do all sorts of background searches. You can search for criminal records, address records and all manner of background information. An added bonus of these web sites is that you can search for information about anyone you want to. It isn't limited to just you.

Searching for information on these web sites is not expensive at all and the way in which you pay depends on which public records web site that you use, you can either pay a small fee for each search that you do or, you can pay just a small monthly subscription which allows you to do as many free arrest warrant searches as you want to. You can search nationwide and background check practically anyone and everyone.

The two types of public records web sites are explained in this comparative review of two respected and very effective investigation web sites - Absolutely Free Background Checks - Make sure that you choose the one that's right for you.

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