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How well do you know the people around you? Time and time again you hear of seemingly ordinary people committing the most horrible crimes. Kidnapping, murder, rape... The list goes on and on and in an alarming number of these cases the people around the criminal, including closest friends, were completely unaware of what was going on. How do you protect yourself against criminals like this?

John and Kate had spent a long time searching for someone reliable to do some work on their property so when Kate came across a guy busy with a neighbors property she saw an opportunity and went to speak to him. The contractor's name was Jim and he hit it off with Kate straight away. He was more approachable than Kate had expected and she liked him from the start. Kate persuaded him to meet John later that day and Jim did a similarly good job impressing him too.

Jim arranged to do the work later that week. He turned up on time, did the work efficiently and left. Kate and John were so impressed that they asked Jim to do several more jobs for them over the following weeks. Everything went according to plan and Jim became almost part of the family for a time. They came to trust Jim so much that they were quite happy to let him enter the property while they were out at work and even loaned him a set of keys.

At the end of the job John and Kate were happy with the result and paid Jim the balance of what they owed him in cash. They were very pleased that the work had been done and done to a good standard.

They only noticed the problem after Jim had vanished

Kate and John were very pleased with the job that Jim had done for them. He had accomplished a whole load of things that they had been planning to do for years. They thought the world of Jim. That is until they started to notice some things that were not quite right.

Kate noticed a small item on the statement. It was more the date that stood out than the actual purchase itself because she remembered being at a wedding all that day and she had forgotten to take her card with her. She could not possibly have made that purchase. She then hunted out her bills for the past few months and noticed quite a few items that she had no recollection of. Of course some of the transactions were real, she just couldn't remember buying the stuff, but a lot of it was definitely nothing to do with her. When she added all the small bogus transactions up it came to a surprisingly large amount.

The story was the same when John checked his own credit card statements. John would likely never have noticed if Kate hadn't pointed it out to him and made him check. John was visibly shaken, they both were, at the thought that someone could steal from them like this. The full force of this started to hit them when they thought about some of the things that they had lost recently. Cell phones, jewelry, power tools etc. They though that they had simply put them down somewhere and couldn't find them but this has got them thinking.

You can avoid this happening to you

This is a fictitious story designed to illustrate a very real problem that does happen only too often. Kate and John could have avoided the problems that they now have trying to recover their money and property by doing a simple criminal records search. Jim had a criminal record and Kate and John were not his first victims. Nothing serious and he had served his time but he was an habitual thief. Something that they might have spotted from his record.

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Author: Steve Gee

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