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Looking up arrest warrants has become as easy as checking the weather forecast and probably with more reliability too. You can make use of public records services to do arrest warrant searches and background checks on just about anyone you know or have any dealing with.

So how do you decide what kind of public records web site to use? One type of site stands out from the rest for providing both the best value for money and satisfying user experience and it's all down to how you pay for the service.

There is no official government database containing all arrest record information from every agency in the country so the gap has been plugged by commercial web sites with a mission to gather all public records including arrest warrants and criminal records, from all over the land.

Payment options for background checks

You can search these public records web sites with a surprisingly small amount of money but before you sign up to one you should take a moment to look at the different payment options available to you. You can then decide which type of web site will be right for you.

Good public records web sites can be found with two very different payment systems. The first type of records site will charge you a small fee for each and every search of the database that you perform. This kind of web site is fantastic if you have a specific requirement that can be satisfied with a small number of database lookups. You know what you want so you go in and get it and that's the end of it.

Don't stop at arrest warrants

In my experience you rarely come across an investigation where you can get the information that you want with just one or two targeted searches. You might start out doing an arrest warrant search for someone but end up doing searches for variations on their name, searching in multiple states and then looking for criminal records or additional information about them.

You might want to do a search for arrest warrants on a number of people at the same time and do their criminal records too. More often than not you will save money by choosing not to pay for your searches one by one. Instead you can join a public records investigation web site for a small monthly fee and get to do an unlimited number of database searches for free. This can work out much more cost effective.

Membership of a good public records background check web site is not only excellent value for money but has other benefits which may not be immediately obvious. In return for agreeing to pay a small monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time of course, you are given unlimited access to the billions of records in the database. You can search for arrest warrants and other information as much as you want, on as many people as you want to, any time you want to. Think about that for a moment then take a look at this comparison of two public records sites Absolutely Free Background Checks - Court Records or Inteligator.

Do background checks on everyone

Now you have no reason at all not to do an arrest warrant search and background check on all of the people that you come into contact with. People that you hire to work on your property, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your neighbors, your children's teachers or your co-workers. Any one of these people could be hiding something from you that you really should know about. Start with arrest warrants and keep going.

It's also a good way of finding people that you haven't seen for a long time. Just keep typing in names and places that you know until you find enough information to locate them.

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Author: Steve Gee

Arrest Warrant Search - Unlimited Warrant Checks


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