Active Arrest Warrants - How Do I Discover My Warrants Before The Cops Come To Get Me?

Why did Alex Walker deserve to be dragged out of bed in he early hours of the morning?

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Alex is a solid law abiding and responsible member of the community. He works in a bank, does his job to the best of his ability and he couldn't offend anyone if he tried. So how did Alex manage to end up with an active arrest warrant and get the surprise of his life from the police one morning?

Alex had his identity stolen and it cost him

One day almost two years before his arrest, Alex had broken his routine of eating his lunch in the office and decided to take advantage of a beautiful summer's day. He took his food out to a nearby park bench where he sat quietly and enjoyed watching the world go by.

It was such a gorgeous day. The sun streaming through the trees swaying in the breeze made Alex very sleepy. He couldn't resist closing his eyes for a short time and he very quickly fell asleep right there, sitting upright on the bench. He could only have been asleep for a few minutes before he awoke with a slightly stiff neck but otherwise refreshed from his little "power nap" as he calls them.

Alex will never know that he had his identity stolen right there on the bench where he napped that day. The thief was smartly dressed in an office suit like everyone else around and when he saw Alex fall asleep he came and sat beside him.

The thief had no trouble at all lifting Alex's wallet from his inside jacket pocket without waking him. It took less than 60 seconds to find and copy Alex's personal information that he found in the wallet before expertly replacing it without waking Alex or raising suspicion. Alex never knew what hit him.

The thief had taken Alex's credit card numbers, an address, a drivers licence number and a few other things. Armed with these the thief could obtain everything he needed to impersonate Alex.

But how did this get Alex an active arrest warrant?

Check to see if you have an active arrest warrant now

If someone commits a crime and then escapes custody or gets out on bail and never returns then a type of arrest warrant called a bench warrant will be issued. This instructs the police to arrest and take into custody whoever is named on the warrant.

If the criminal gave the police a false identity then it's the false name that will appear on the warrant of course. In this case the criminal had convinced the police that he was actually Alex Walker before he somehow skipped out of jail.

A warrant was issued and Alex was arrested. It was a horrific event in Alex's life and it took him months to straighten things out.

This is a fictional story that I made up to illustrate how anyone can get an active arrest warrant without doing anything wrong and without being aware of it. It could happen to you.

What can you do to avoid the situation Alex found himself in

If you hand yourself in to the court when you have an active arrest warrant then you can expect better treatment than if the police have to get you out of bed and drag you down to jail. This is one reason why you should do regular checks on yourself for arrest warrants.

An unexplained warrant like this can also be just the start of even more problems if you don't deal with it quickly. Once the Identity criminal has gotten you a warrant he might just go and clean out your bank accounts out and destroy your credit rating too.

Luckily checking online for active arrest warrants is very simple. Most warrants can be found by using a public records background check web site. You can check yourself or anyone else you want in a matter of minutes. It pays you to check r egularly just for your own peace of mind.

Active Arrest Warrants - How Do I Discover My Warrants Before The Cops Come To Get Me?

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