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Inteligator and Court Records are two very well respected web sites that both offer you fast and effective access to free public records. They both allow you to do background checks and criminal background checks on people and find out a lot of information about anyone you want. So which one should you choose when you need to look up some information on someone? The following will show you why Inteligator is my personal choice every time.

Two of the best search engines for public records

The two web sites are very similar once you get inside the members area. Not only can you to do full background checks but you can search criminal records, sex offender register, arrest records and warrants, marriage records, birth records, prison inmates and a lot more on top of all that. So what makes the Inteligator web site so much different to the Court Records web site?

Paying for Public Records by the search or subscription

These two web sites are both excellent for doing background checks and searching public records but they have one important difference - the way that you pay for your searches. With Court records you pay for every search you do but with Inteligator you pay one small monthly subscription and you get access to unlimited searches.

Which public records database web site is right for you

Both payment methods have their merits. If money is no object then feel free to use either web site but if you have a budget then you need to consider how many searches you might need to perform. If you know that you will only need to do one background check and a small number of searches then you may feel more comfortable with the Court Records site where you pay for each search before you do it.

Unlimited absolutely free backround checks when you join

This is why I love the Inteligator public records membership site for all my background checks and people searches. When you sign up for membership you get to do as many abslutely free background checks and searches as you want to, anytime you want to on as many people as you want to. You don't have to worry about how much you search because you allways know that it's inside your budget. It won't cost you any more than your subscription fee.

For me it makes more sense to use Inteligator because I allways end up doing more searches than I expected to. It's too easy to get sidetracked by looking up relatives and neighbors. Not to mention the hired help and your dates.

I can tell you that it's a lot of fun searching for information about people and you might even find it a little addictive so Join Inteligator and know that you can have as much fun as you want without it costing more than you expect.

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