How To Aim A Bow And Arrow
And Shoot The Target

Shooting a bow and arrow isn't hard
when you know the secret

The first time I picked up a bow and tried to shoot an arrow I was hopeless, the arrow went anywhere but close to the target. I have a relative who used to be a competetition archer so I decided to ask him for some tips on how to aim a bow and arrow. I'm pleased that I did because my aim improved very quickly after that. If I can do it then so can you. This is what he told me.

Draw the bowstring smoothly to your cheek

Draw the bowstring so that it just touches the side of your face and look at the target. Point the arrow at the target then release smoothly. It sounds easy and it is when you get the hang of it.

To start with you may not get anywhere near the target let alone score a bullseye. Don't be put off by this because before you can hope to land arrows where you want them, you have to be able to draw and release the bow and arrow with consistency.

Consistency and practice are the secrets to accurate archery

There is no right way to sight an arrow it seems. It all depends on how you pull the bowstring and hold it in relation to your eyes and the bow. It will vary for everyone and you have to find the combination that works for you. Concentrate not on hitting the bullseye but on landing your arrows in the same place on the target every time.

When you can shoot most of your arrows into the same spot on the target you will have achieved consistency. You get to do this by practice. Lots of practice. The more you practice the better you will get at it. Just like most things.

Control your breathing

Hold your breath just before you release the arrow. You will be surprised how much difference it makes when your chest isn't going up and down to throw your aim off.

How to shoot an arrow and hit the center of the target

When you can consistently hit the same spot on the target all you have to do is move your aim to make the bullseye the spot where your arrows land. When you've got to the point where you can hit one spot most of the time you should find that it's not too difficult to modify your aim to enable you to hit anything that you want to.

I still regard myself as a beginner even though I'm at the point where I can get close to the bullseye with most of my shots. Following my tips should help you get started but we both have a lot to learn.

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