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How do I find if someone is in federal prison or jail?

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If you are looking for someone who might be in prison but you don't know where then you might think that you have a huge task in front of you. This might have been true a few years ago but today most prison inmates can be found very easily. If you take advantage of the right Internet based services then you stand a very good chance of finding out where they are plus a lot of background information like criminal records and arrest records too.

Use the official Federal Inmate Lookup and the State Corrections Departments

You can use the BOP Federal Prison Inmate Locator at the Bureau of Prisons to search for someone in a federal prison. Just enter the details in the boxes and click the search button.

If you are searching for someone with a common name then you might get many hits and it helps if you can narrow it down by entering the race, sex and age of the person you are looking for. If you are fortunate enough to know the inmates ID number then you can use that for a more accurate search. If the person you are looking for was in a federal prison after 1982 then they should be in the search results list.

If you don't have any luck searching the federal prisons then your person might be held in a State Correctional Facility. You can search online for inmates in many but not all states using the web site provided by the state itself. You can find a list of links to these web sites on the usa.gov site Locating an Inmate Held in a State Correctional Facility. Unfortunately, if you don't know where they are being held, this can become a time consuming task because you may have to check a lot of web sites before you find the right one.

Locate inmates the easy way and find a lot more information about them

The government and state web sites mentioned above are a great resource and they are free for anyone to use but they might not tell you everything you wanted to know. It's not that easy to find someone in state prison either if you have to go through each state one by one.

You can generally find the same information plus a lot more background information on someone by using a public records background check web site. This web site aims to accumulate as many public records including inmate records as are available to make your searches as comprehensive and as fast as possible. This is a one stop shop for finding people, whether they are inmates or not and for looking up other background information such as criminal records and arrest warrants.

Don't hesitate to give it a try Federal Prison Inmate Locator



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Federal Prison Inmate Locator - How To Find Someone In Prison for free
Prison cell bars image A few years ago finding out where someone is being held in prison would have been a daunting task but today, thanks to the increasingly powerful Internet, it can often be a simple and effortless task. There are sources online that you can access for free to find the person that you are looking for or you can use one of the more comprehensive public records web sites.
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