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April 28, 2009

Is There Hope To Save A Marriage And Stop your Divorce

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Save a marriage and stop your divorce
There’s always hope in saving a marriage even if only one of you wants it saved

Save your marriage with this effective system

The fatal flaw with advice that you get from the average marriage guidance councilor is that it involves a lot of effort from both you and your partner. This would be ok if you both want to fix the relationship and stop your break up but what if your partner isn’t interested in trying to save your marriage? You’re not likely to get very good results if this is the case but what if there was a way to get your ex back even if your your spouse or partner doesn’t want to come back?

New relationships are great to start with aren’t they?

Relationships can be amazing to start with. You were both fresh and alive to each other and you were discovering how much fun you can have together. But after a time, you get too comfortable with each other and if you don’t keep up the excitement and the interest levels high then there’s a danger that you can grow apart. Sooner or later you or your partner decides that you’ve had enough and walks.

Please don’t make the same mistake that most people make

When your partner walks it’s like a wake up call. You realize what’s happened, realize that it’s been happening for months or even years without you even noticing what was going on. Panic takes over at the thought that you are losing your loved one and the pleading starts. You pour out your heart and promise to change.

Stop right there because pleading won’t solve anything

Pleading with your partner is the last thing you should do. Your partner won’t change her mind if you do that, you’ll just make things worse. Don’t make any rash promises that you can’t keep because she won’t believe you anyway. It’s hard I know but you must step back from the situation and begin to get on with your own life. Showing her that you are strong enough to live without her will actually draw her closer to you. It’s a strange concept I know but it’s true.

Get yourself a life - you’ll be surprised at what happens

When my long-standing relationship was going pear shaped some time ago we had just drifted apart and I’d tried really hard for a long time to stop my partner from moving out. Nothing I did worked and I finally gave up when I realized that I was being stupid. I’d be much better off finding a new life than trying to hold on to one that was just going to go nowhere.

I had the surprise of my life at what happened next. I stopped pleading with her and I told her that I’d accepted that it was over and that we should break up. I thought that was what she wanted but perhaps I was wrong? Suddenly it was me who was being pleaded with. I was the one breaking up the relationship not her and she wanted to get it back. Can you believe it?

Is There Hope To Save A Marriage? Yes you bet there is…

I’m sorry to say that things had gone too far for me by this point and my ex’s screams just pushed me further away. I can’t help but wonder what might have happened had I been aware of this secret a lot earlier. Would we sill be together and happily married? If you understand this secret of human relationships you could stop your divorce and save your marriage.

Watch this How to get your ex back video where the author of the Magic Of Making Up System gives you some great tips to get your ex back.

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