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May 28, 2009

How To Get My Wife To Love Me Again

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Picture of man gets wife to love again in restaurantRecapture the magic of your relationship

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Has your marriage gone stale? Has the magic of the early days of your relationship all but disappeared? You are not alone - This happens to almost every couple that have a relationship. It’s normal human behaviour and you have no reason to think that there is anything wrong with you or your wife. Most people never realize this and the relationship often ends in divorce or they stay together unhappily ever after. It doesn’t have to be this way. Getting your wife to fall in love with you again is not impossible if you follow some good advice.

In the beginning of most, if not all relationships, everything is fresh and exciting. You go on dates and do new and interesting things together. You have fun together. This period generally lasts a few weeks or months but rarely much longer. After a while you become used to each other and you start taking your wife for granted. This leads to boredom and discontent with life. You need to recapture the excitement of the early days if you’re going to turn things around.

How can she love me again? Have fun and find out

The solution to the problem of how to get my wife to love me again seems obvious doesn’t it? You need to start having fun together again like you did at the beginning but don’t rush into anything. Take it easy and start to find things that you can organize for the two of you to do together again. If you enjoyed eating out then do it. If you liked going to the cinema together then start going again. Make a point of spending at least one night a week doing things that you both enjoy and make a date of it, just like when you started out.

Making your wife want you again is something that will take time and you will have to work at it if you are going to achieve your aim. When you’ve gotten to the point where she’s fallen for you again you must be careful not to slip back into your old ways or you will just drift apart again. Keep your relationship alive and exciting and never take your wife for granted.

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