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Check list for pre-employment screening image Your employees are your greatest asset. This is true in any business that I know of so building the right team to push your organization forward is vitally important. Finding good people to work for you is the first step in building your team and the formulation and implementation of good pre employment background check procedures can be your greatest aid in the selection process.

Pre employment background checks are generally simple and often quick to carry out so why is it that so many employers have such a cavalier attitude to performing them? Is it because they think that the process is boring and time consuming or is it simply pride that is holding them back? Perhaps they believe that they can find out everything they need to know right there in the interview room.

Don't be one of these employers because you can't learn all you need to know just by talking to someone and it's often very difficult to detect the lies that are told without doing proper employee background checks.

First things first

One of the very first things that you must have a candidate do is sign a waiver that effectively gives you permission to seek out and use any private information about them that you might need to determine if they are the right person for the job. You should have a waiver form ready prepared by your legal resources and you should explain to the candidate that they are giving up their privacy in exchange for consideration for the post. If they don't agree then they can not be considered and you have to wonder what it was that they didn't want you to know.

Is a pre employment background check the same as a reference check?

No. Reference checking and background checking are two equally important parts of the recruitment process but they are not the same thing at all.

To perform a reference check you must speak to someone who has worked with the candidate at some time in the past few years. It must be someone who is prepared to talk to you openly about the person you are considering for the job. You should talk to at least three people in this way to build up a true picture of what the candidate is like to work with.

A pre employment background check on the other hand is concerned with cross checking all the information that the candidate has provided you with on their resume and in the interview. You should check to make sure that all the qualifications and licenses are true and valid and also search for any criminal records or arrest warrants they might be hiding.

Here is a short list of some of the more important points that you should include in your pre employment background check procedure.

Licence Checks

If you don't check that someone actually does hold a valid license that might be required for the job then how can you be sure that they do? If the post is for Doctor then they must of course have a valid license to practice but do employers always check the license? Sadly not which is a very worrying thought. Always make a call to the issuing authority and check it out.


Don't take their word for their academic achievement. Contact the school or college and make sure that they at least gained the qualification that they claim. You might be able to verify grades also.

Employment criminal background checks, court records, arrest warrants...

Unless you are happy to employ someone with a criminal record that hasn't disclosed the fact then you should do your best to check out their history. You should contact the courthouses in and around all the states and counties that the candidate has lived or worked in the previous few years. You can't check every courthouse in the land but you can look in the more obvious places.

Employment background financial checks - Credit checks

When is a pre employment credit check appropriate? Well you might consider checking the credit agencies if the position has anything to do with finance or money. You might think that problems with personal finance could be an indicator to poor performance or risk in the job. This is not always the case but you should not ignore the signs.

Motor vehicle license checks

You might only want to check a candidates driving license if the job might involve driving at some point. Otherwise it is not relevant.

Put a public records web site at the top of your list for pre employment screening

Before you start the time consuming process of calling all the courthouses and colleges and licensing authorities you should do a quick check on the candidate using a public records background check web site. It may not give you all the information you need but it is very fast and can give you a lot of information for very little effort on your part. You should put this at the very top of your pre employment background check procedures.

Inteligator Review Unlimited Public Records

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How Do I Run Pre Employment Background Check Procedures
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