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The Internet is great for finding new romance but you must check them out

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Alicia Wandly works with computers and the Internet all day long. It's her job to know how to do things in the technological age that we live in. It's no surprise then that she used the Internet to find herself a new lover when her relationship broke down.

Alicia doesn't have time for the conventional methods of finding a boyfriend. She doesn't want to take up ballroom dancing and she's never had time for hanging around in singles bars. The Internet provides an easy alternative for finding people and it actually works. Millions of people have been successful this way and I'm sure you could be too if you ever have the need.

So it wasn't long before Alicia found Mike on a dating site and started to exchange messenger chat and email and even have video calls. They found that they were very compatible and talked for hours using various Internet communication methods. After a few weeks of this they decided that they ought to meet in person. They only lived a few blocks away from each other so it was pretty easy to arrange.

Public places are good for a first meeting

The first time they met they just had coffee in a busy part of the city. Alicia had done all the right things by making sure that a friend new where she was going and who she was meeting. She knew that it was a good idea to be careful.

Mike was good at making Alicia feel special. He had all the right words and used them all at the right time and in the right order. Alicia was swept off her feet and she felt as if she was up with the clouds she was so happy.

They met many times after that and a few weeks later Mike asked Alicia to Marry him. Alicia did not hesitate to say yes. Her dreams had come true.

An active arrest warrant can cause you many problems

3 months later Alicia stood in front of the Altar waiting for Mike to arrive for their big day but he never arrived. People were dispatched to investigate why he was so late.

On the way to the wedding Mike had been stopped by the police for a faulty rear light. They did a routine check and found that he had an active arrest warrant for skipping bail and they arrested him on the spot. It turns out that Mike had more than one warrant out for him and he had a criminal record too. Alicia was devastated. She had no idea about that part of Mike's life. She had just wasted the last few months of her life not to mention several thousand dollars on a wedding that never happened.

This story is fiction. I made it up to show you what can happen when you don't take the time to find out about your boyfriend's background. It sounds terrible and it is. Don't let this happen to you.

An online background check can save you a lot of heartache

The Internet is good for finding new people. It's also good for doing background checks on people too. You can search through public arrest warrants, criminal records, sex offender records and much more using an online public records background check service. It's so quick and cheap that you can't afford not to do it.

Alicia got off lightly that day. If the police hadn't arrested Mike on his way to the wedding then Alicia could have found herself trapped in a marriage with a serial criminal. Do a background check on your boyfriend and check him for active arrest warrants right now. You know it makes sense.

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